Megamorphs#1: The Andalite’s Gift, published in May and written by K.A. in the Megamorphs series, a set of companion books to the Animorphs series. Megamorphs are four companion books in the Animorphs series writted by K.A. as Megamorphs #1, Megamorphs #2, Megamorphs #3, and Megamorphs #4. The Andalite’s Gift has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: Okay, first of all, whoever had the idea to jumbo-size Animorphs was a marketing GENI.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Decision and But…oh well, I still love Rachel and enjoyed watching her confront the horror of their whole situation for the first time again.

In the Time of Dinosaurs | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

So the horror of waking up to find your body in that condition with no context for it?? In the Time of Dinosaurspublished in May and written by K. Cassie should be the wolf. She is attacked by a swarm of crows! Fortunately, Ax reminds Marco that he can fly, just before they become a puddle of reddish mush on the animorpsh.

Richard’s Animorphs Forum – E-Books | Megamorphs 1

They escape by jumping out an open hatch, essentially. I enjoyed this one like I’ve enjoyed the other ones so far. I mean, the other Megamorphs books have some sort of unusually large event going on. I read this book when I was in elementary school and we had library every week. MouseHuman Mainnorthern harrierflea. The mental image of Cassie riding along on Elephant!

What we need to do is find a way to kick this Veleek ‘s butt.


The Veleek attempts to capture Rachel, but she is too heavy for it to lift. At least with live action you still get your 24 fps without resorting to shooting on 4s. So Saturn apparently has life on it.


Although now that I think about it, doesn’t crazy ex-controller lady show up again as Crazy Helen in a later book? Sometimes they will escape — for a while. Overall, this cover just seems, I dunno, dull. Cassie and ainmorphs whale that sounds like a hipster band at the end was cool, but otherwise, snore. Towards the end there is some commentary that Jake is the type of person who will become president some day due to his ability to make the necessary tough decisions, even when those decisions animofphs sending people he cares about Animlrphs into danger.

That said, the characters specifically state that part of their goals is to maintain something of a normal life in spite of the invasion, because they’d very likely snap otherwise.

Well, he spends most of this time chasing girls. The mental image of Cassie riding along on Elephant! Now, there is something that I really don’t get here. The Veleek attempts to capture her but cannot carry the whale’s weight, and it is dragged into the sea, where it is killed.

Are there any plans for the rest of the series? The two of them morph into mice and crash the party.

Which just carries him off into the sunset. I like how Marco can apparently speak in italics. Next time, our first full book with Ax POV. The book is longer than the typical books in the series and features chapters from the perspectives of all the Animorphs.


But the rest of the story strains at the obvious attempt to be bigger! Found this from the Animorphs thread that got to the FP yesterday. We get some good character development for Cassie, and the return of the taking whale. Even Rachel has some info to add.

Now that you mention it, I remember an Ax-narrated book having a bookmark he’d taken a bite out of. This, obviously, spells trouble for the Animorphs who must race to find a way to take out this strange creature all while their major advantage, their morphing ability, is also now their greatest weakness.

I Back when I first discovered Animorphs in the 90s, I accidentally read this one before the main megajorphs, and it confused the hell out of me. I znimorphs learning about the Ellemist in the previous book, so getting wind no pun intended of another alien creature in this book was a bonus. Let us never speak of that again.

Marco animorphe strangely keen on getting Rachel to dress up as Xena. And the Veleek tornado blade monster made from modified Actually, come megmorphs think of it Clever morphing helps them escape, and the discovery of the alien monster’s weakness giv Visser Three has managed to train an alien beast from Saturn to be attracted to morphing energy, so every time the Animorphs change form they have to deal with an attack from a giant dust monster.