Thomas Vaughan ( − 27 February ) was a Welsh philosopher and alchemist, who was paying attention to Vaughan as author, and established a reputation with his book Anthroposophia Theomagica, a magico-mystical work. Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death [Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius Philalethes] on *FREE*. : Anthroposophia Theomagica: A Discourse of the Nature of Man and His State After Death (): Thomas Vaughan, Eugenius.

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Besides this piece was composed in haste and in my days of mourning on the sad occurrence anthroposopyie a brother’s death. The element of water answers to the blood, for in it the pulse of the Great World beats: Their philosophy is like a church that is all discipline and no doctrine ; for bate me their prolegomena, their form of arguing, their reciting of different theomqgica, with several other digressions, and the substance of these Tostati will scarce amount to a Mercury.

Secondly, it is written that He preached unto spirits, not to men, to those which were in prison, not to those which were ” in life,” which is quite contrary to Scaliger. Neither did this eating suppress the intellectual powers in Adam only but in all his generations after him ; for the influence of this fruit passed, together with his nature, into his posterity. Some things he confesseth were written in the theological books, anthroposohie such are the common doctrinals of the Church now, in which notwithstanding as St Peter saith there are many things hard to be understood.

The earth is spongy, porous and magnetical, of composition loose, the better to take in the theoomagica influences of heat, rains and dews for the nurture and conservation of her products.

For the Light is in no wise made but is communicated and admitted to things heretofore obscure, that they may be brightened and glorified in their forms. Yet to prevent this it was that Dionysius wrote his book of The Anthroposopgie Hierarchy and especially his Theologia Significativa, of which there is such frequent mention made in his works.

But the frailty of the matter excluding themagica, the composure was subject to dissolution. Yet there’s a law by which I discompose The ashes and the fire itself disclose ; But in his emerald still he doth appear: She spans kingdoms in a thought and enjoys all that inwardly which she misseth outwardly.

This extract being thus settled above and separated from the mass retained in it a vast portion of light and made the first day without a sun. This is “the sea of invisible things” ; for all the conceptions “in the bosom of the higher Nature” wrap themselves in this tiffany before they embark in the shell. I conceive there are besides the empyreal heaven two inferior mansions or receptacles of spirits.


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Thomas Vaughan – Anthroposophia Theomagica

This is answer enough to a few sophisters and in defiance of all calumnies thus I salute his memory. I am now come to the fourth and last substance, the highest in scala Nature. She can in an instant transfer her own vessel from one place to another. Tell me not now of blind Peripatetical forms and qualities. No room is left for death: But let it be where it will, my opinion is that this middlemost mansion is appointed for such souls whose whole man hath not perfectly repented in this world.

In Ezekiel the Spirit comes from the four winds and breathes upon the slain, that they might live. The first in this plot was Lucifer: Thou know’st I’m sick: If it be created, I conceive it the effect of the Divine Imagination, acting beyond itself in contemplation of that which was to come and producing this passive darkness for a subject to work upon in the circumference.

I have now handled the two elements and more I cannot find. The second principle is the infallible magnet, the Mystery of Union. Hereupon I considered with myself that man was not the primitive, immediate work of God, but the world out of which he was made. But this is to measure magical positions by the slight, superficial strictures of the common philosophy.

Should my tribute be demanded, I wish to offer you such gifts as ages and generations to come may liken to the Arpine scrolls.

Thomas Vaughan (philosopher)

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. Now a new East beyond the stars I see Where breaks the day of thy divinity. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Howsoever, when theomaggica shall please God more perfectly to refine His creatures this tincture shall be expelled quite beyond them, and then it will be an outward darkness from which, Good Lord, deliver us.

Hence flocks and herds and men and beasts and fowls With breath are quicken’d, and attract their souls ; Hence take the forms His prescience did ordain, And into Him at length resolve again.

Thomas Vaughan (philosopher) – Wikipedia

These two are active and masculine ; those of moisture and cold are passive and feminine. This vanish or ascent of the inward, ethereal principles doth not presently follow their separation ; for that part of man which Paracelsus calls the ” sidereal man ” and more appositely the ” brute part of man,” but Agrippa the ” spectre ” and Vergil Ethereal sense and warmth of simple breath this part – I say – which in the astral man hovers sometimes about the dormitories of the dead, and that because of the magnetism or sympathy which is between him and the radical, vital moisture.


It is not blood, nor the seed of any individual as some unnatural, obscene authors have imagined.

Hereupon the Fabricator did straightway give forth the Sif Lux, for which a mendacious rendering hath substituted Fiat Lux.

The basest reptile even, in his outward symmetry, testifies of his Author, his several proportions answering to their eternal, superior Prototype.

Satan being thus ejected as the condition of reprobates is became more hardened in his resolutions, and to bring his malice about arrives by permission at Eden. Newman 15 February Nor are fatuous and befogged sparklings wanting in our own day who deem that they are stars and are thought equal to the sun.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. And here you are to observe that Cornelius Agrippa mistook the act of generation for original sin, which indeed was the effect of it: We see, moreover, that the faculties ascribed to the Tree of Knowledge are to be found only in middle nature.

No sooner had the Divine Light pierced the bosom of the matter but the idea or pattern of the whole material world appeared in those primitive waters, like an image in a glass. This mystery or appearance of the idea is excellently manifested in the magical analysis of bodies. But I beseech you are not the faculties of this spirit suppressed in man also, as it appeareth in those that are blind?

The prophet sees Him break out at the North, but like a fire catching itself. Trithemius and Magical Theology: Ignorance gave this release the name of death, but properly it is the soul’s birth and a charter that makes for her liberty. Thus they dwell altogether in the face ; their endeavours are mere titillations ; and their acquaintance with Nature is not at the heart.

These three are the fundamentals of Art and Nature. This is manifest in those herbs which open at anthroposophke rising and shut towards the sunset, which motion is caused by the spirit being sensible of the approach and departure of the sun.