Redei, G.P. () Supervital mutants of Arabidopsis. Genetics, 47 Simpson, G.G. &Dean, C. () Arabidopsis, the Rosetta stone of flowering time?Science . casein protein kinase 2 alphasubunit genes. Theor Appl Genet — Simpson GG, Dean C () Arabidopsis, the Rosetta Stone of flowering time. [CrossRef] [PubMed] Simpson, G.G.; Dean, C. Arabidopsis, the Rosetta stone of flowering time? Science , , – [CrossRef] [PubMed] Valentin, F.L. .

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A Genomic organization of the TFL2 gene in the 5. The roots of transgenic Arabidopsis carrying TFL2: Compared with LD conditions, the numbers of rosette leaves at flowering in SD conditions increased by more than 40 leaves in arabidopsia plants, but by only about 5—6 leaves in tfl2 mutants. This framework provides the basis to understand the evolution of different reproductive strategies and how floral pathways interact through seasonal progression.

Arabidopsis, the Rosetta stone of flowering time? – Semantic Scholar

Many organisms use day length photoperiod information to prepare for seasonal changes []. In transgenic Arabidopsis carrying timee TFL2: Anim Sci J 81, The unprogrammed expression of these genes must be therefore strictly repressed; however, a candidate repressor has not been identified as yet.

Phytohormones and age, two internal cues, also induce flowering. Identical and conserved amino residues are indicated by bold and light shadows, respectively.

Arabidopsis, the Rosetta stone of flowering time?

Of tlowering genes measured, expression of FT was extensively upregulated in tfl2 mutants, whereas no obvious difference was found in the expression pattern of CO between tfl2 and wild type Fig. In order to optimize reproduction, plants should flower at a preferable time. Nat Rev Genet 13, This paper has highly influenced 40 other papers. Curr Opin Plant Biol 12, Showing of 3 references. Genes Dev 20, These observations show that even a small misexpression of FT is sufficient for floral induction, and thus FT must be strictly maintained in a silent state during the non-inductive phase.


TFL2 protein localizes in subnuclear foci and expression of the TFL2 gene complemented yeast swi6 — mutants. Curr Biol 17, DNA methylation patterns and epigenetic memory. We have been working on the mechanisms of photoperiodic flowering response in Arabidopsis thalianawhich is currently the most suitable organism for studying molecular mechanisms of day-length measurement.

FT protein is then translocated to the shoot apical meristem to initiate expression of floral identity genes, which regulate floral development [38,57,60]. The pleiotropic phenotype of the tfl2 mutant could reflect the fact that TFL2 represses the expression of multiple genes.

Arabdiopsis in plants were instrumental in enabling researchers to propose and test conceptual models of day-length measurement.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Crosses with tfl obtained from the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center showed that tfl is allelic to tfl Larsson et al.

J Comp Physiol A These differences, however, were much smaller than the difference in FT expression; thus, TFL2 has very little effect on other pathways.

Many plants respond to environmental cues, such as day-length and temperature, to regulate flowering time. Schemske The New phytologist Search for related content. Proteins with chromo and chromo shadow domains belong to the heterochromatin protein 1 HP1 family of proteins and are found widely in animal genomes te in fission yeast Fig.


Because the tfl2 mutation is not lethal even in the null allele tflunlike in Drosophilawhich also has single HP1 gene, hhe mutants will provide a good system in which to investigate the function of HP1-like proteins. Multiple pathways in the decision to flower: Since daytime CO protein ti,e occurs only when days are long, FT is induced in LD, resulting in earlier flowering [35,36,40] figure left.

Plant Cell 20, This suggests that members of the HP1 family of proteins may have different roles in plants and animals. Flowreing Plant Sci 11, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. We also measured the expression level of LFY. Photochem Photobiol 9, The late-flowering phenotype of gi was rescued by a tfl;gi double mutation data not shown.

In order to examine whether TFL2 can function as a chromatin-associated gene silencing factor, we introduced it into an swi6 — mutant of fission yeast Fig.

Epigenetic Regulation in the Control of Flowering

Epigenetic Regulation in the Control of Flowering J. Desynchronization between daily light periods and internal circadian rhythms causes severe reduction of fitness in cyanobacteria, plants, and animals []. At these stages and aravidopsis these organs, TFL2 is actively transcribed but target genes are derepressed in response to the activators.

This suggests that the TFL2 gene itself may regulate numerous developmental processes.