The people in rural areas of Karnataka and Kerala mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown are Arecanut and.

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It is fitted with three DC motors – nylon tyres with rubber grippers at degrees each other for ease of the operations. Specifications and Functions of Parts Used 4. The machine can be used for spraying insecticides also. At present, the machine weighs about six kg. Four seventh semester mechanical engineering students of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management have developed a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine that can be regulated by a remote control.

DC geared motors having reduction gears which ensures self-locking of the tyres and thus maintains the height. Climbing Mechanism and Working 3. The machine should be capable of adjusting to the varying cross-section of the tree during upward and downward movements. It was observed that cliimber maximum circumference of an arecanut tree is 50 cm and minimum circumference at the top is 30 cm.

They have to climb the trees using muscle power. To accommodate for change in the diameter of arecanut tree as the device moves up and down, a spring loaded mechanism is used for exerting sufficient tension required for gripping the tree. After which the pump is stopped, the whole setup is being brought back by changing the polarity of the switch so that the drive motor rotates in opposite direction there by making the wheels rotate in opposite direction.


Line diagram to calculate Length of the links Figure 2. Skilled arecanut tree climbers have become scarce and farmers are finding it difficult to harvest the nuts.

Sukesh K S Type of entry: When the setup reaches on top of hree tree the drive motor is switched OFF in the remote control unit. Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!!

The machine can be fitted with pesticide spraying unit or nut plucking tool. Only skilled labourers can carry out these farming operations. The device has been tested for its performance and found safe, reliable, and efficient and also reduces the problems in climbing and spraying arecanut tree to a good extend.

The remote is used to control the motor. As this involves real hard, physical exertion, younger generations of labourers are losing interest, with potentially harsh implications for arecanut cultivation.

Areca nuts are collected in a basket. Powered By Vritee Technologies.

Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!!

The scope of this project is limited to climb arecanut trees having circumference between 30 and 50 cm. Driving wheels are machined from nylon rods having diameter of mm which is used to provide firm grip and also to operate the machine so that it climbs the tree easily.

Pulley and a brake cable is used to ensure smooth movement of the links. An unskilled labour can also operate the machine safely and efficiently. But they are not successful as the input for them is muscular power of the labour and it requires a person to atecanut climb the tree to cut the crop or harvest the nuts.


Selection of the Wheel Average Change in circumference of the tree is taken as 30cm to 50cm. But a very few are capable climbber climbing trees, main reason being irregular surface and variation of diameter with length []. A specially designed remote controlled spraying unit is mounted on the frame.

Areca Nut Tree Climber And Sprayer :: Create the Future Design Contest

The DC motor used to drive wheel is square geared DC motor. With scarcity of labour, areca growers are finding it difficult to harvest their crop. In this tree climbing machine power is obtained from 12V battery through which drive motors are energized. Areca nut tree climbing is a risky job that requires skilled labour. For spraying copper sulphate solution, we have used a volts direct current water pump that can pump water from a tank. We are currently working on to reduce the weight and with some alterations in the machine, we will be able to do it.

The machine developed consists of a base frame with 3 nylon wheels driven by 3 high torque geared motor.