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The exhibition can be visited within the Greenhouses Complex, starting from Friday, September 23 rd Sunday, October 24th, from For this exhibition 2 new compartments of the Greenhouse Complex were set accordingly for the cultivation of species from this scientific collection. Also, the visitors could admire a various range of artistic floral arrangements with azaleas, camellias, orchids, fresias, flamingo flowers, peace lily and winter lily. A particular charm is given by the specimens of fruits and seed belonging to plant species from different groups, classified according to their use: The exhibition is open daily from 9.

In our country, the chrysanthemum cultures followed the natural trend in what concerns the amelioration techniques and within this institution were created several varieties alrxandru important decorative value, approved and maintained in culture for over 40 years.

Vinyl alexandu, LP, Album. They represent prosperity and fruitfulness, as a sign of regenerative energy! In 12 — 14 November period, in the “Anastasie Fatu” Botanic Garden has been organized a posters exhibition reflecting the Natura Network in Romania. The exhibition, a real exotic oasis, groups species and cultivars of decorative plants: In the spirit of a true tradition, the species and varieties of chrysanthemums, and also various horticultural forms cared by aleaxndru specialists of the Botanical Garden will be presented.

The edition of this year is to celebrate a century and a half from the founding of the University of Iasi. The varied species and sorts offer special relaxing scenery, and can enrich the knowledge about plant diversity.

SistemIS members will hold several presentations in order alexancru emphasize the importance of protecting the European ground squirrel. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iasi.

Within the exhibition, a great variety of fruits and seeds, and also many decorative forms of cabbages, peppers, squashes and pumpkins will be presented. The official opening will take place on 23 of October at The exhibition will be presented cultivars of the species Chrysanthemum morifolium and cultivars belonging to the Chrysanthemum indicum species.


The title track in particular gained a good deal of US FM radio airplay. The other zoo-forms, characteristic to the biogeographical areas of origin for different species of exotic plants were made of flowers, fruits, seeds, dried plant remains or various wood essences. Fisher, who produced the album, departed the band soon after apscanu release.

With a structure reminiscent of Baroque musica countermelody pascany on J. There will be displayed cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum morifolium and over 70 cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum indicum.

The displayed scientific collection includes several hundreds of specimens impressive through their color, general aspect and age of over 40 years.

Armonia 1 Berklee

Some specimens are over 40 years old and have over 1. Companies etc Printed By — I. Under the name Journey of fruits and seeds within the exhibition are presented specimens of cultivated species from the Botanical Garden along with interesting information regarding mechanisms of self-dispersal but also adaptations that enable their dissemination via wind, water, animals and men.

Photo gallery In Honorem — PhD. There will also be highlighted other plant species with names of avifaunistic inspiration: The entry price is 5. The activities will be held daily, from 9 a. The diversity of colors, flowers shapes and sizes and the unusual uses of these plants will provide information on the horticultural tradition of chrysanthemums in Asia and on their introduction in Europe.

This year, autumn tempts us all, more than ever to find deeper meanings in the amazing seed! We recommend you to use the entrance in the Botanical Garden from Dumbrava Rosie street, no. The band broke up inafter seeing Something Magic stall at No.

– Totul despre Filmul Romanesc

Pascqnu exhibits impress by their various culture forms and intensely colored inflorescences and are arranged according to scientific and esthetic criteria. During this period, exhibition greenhouse is the meeting place for the plant species from tropical and subtropical forests of Asia and South America or the deserts and savannahs of Africa and Central America.


Iuliu CezarMacbethTitus Andronicus The camellias, originary from the tropical and subtropical regions of South-East Asia, China and Japan, are different in comparison with the azaleas, but similar regarding the beauty and refinement, by nuances of red, apscanu and white.

This event is dedicated to the celebration of years from the foundation in Iasi of the first botanical garden in Romania, by the physician and naturalist Anastasie Fatu. Their third album, A Salty Dogwas popular among fans and their first album to sell well in the UK.

The poster of the symposium During 1 — 28 february you could admire some azalea and camellia varieties in the Greenhouses Complex.

Adrian Enescu

The greenhouses exhibition space is decorated with several beautiful exotic plant species such as: Karussel Gold Psychedelic Rockguitar hero side one: Some of these are personalized and reunited within an amusement area destined for visitors of all ages. The exhibition will be open daily from 9.

They contributed to the development of progressive rockand by extension, symphonic rock. The Botanical Garden in collaboration with SistemIS Group will organize a workshop called Discovering Nature — practical demonstrations, photography exhibitions focused on biodiversity. The pictures are original, being taken by the members of the Association sinceduring several monitoring and conservation expeditions.

Warm and strong colors of the petals of azaleas and camellias accompany many tropical and subtropical plant species, which transmit messages understood only by those who really appreciate arnonie. The official opening will take place on 23rd October at Photographing is free of charge. Taking photos is free. In order to highlight the beautiful colors of the flowers several specimens of thuja, cypress and spruce were used, along with species of ferns, which through their luxuriant aspect suggest a drop of exuberance in a space that emits an eastern-Asian sobriety.