Description. Breminale – Das Kulturfestival am Weserufer. Ein kleiner Programmführer zur Breminale. Markiere Events als persönliche Favoriten um somit eine. Das abwechslungsreiche Programm der Breminale umfasst Live-Musik in Zirkuszelten, Breminale was not featured in iOS in United States on Oct 25, Der Schwerpunkt im Programm der Breminale ist im Jahr als Headliner der Breminale die Sänger.

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It is probablly the close Weser-bank and the unavoidably connection whith the element water where this conjecture is based on.

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Everyone in and around Bremen now knows what a storm is or rather what it isn’t. To canalize the festival crowd and to get them home safely, the police had the street blocked between Sielwall and Tiefer. The festival is financed by the gastronomy, greminale cultural funding from the city Bremen, the program partners, the sponsors and the donations from the visitors.

The year was a year of extremes. The acts and the atmosphere of the festival was stunning. After the Festival did not take place inin it was even more a great success.

And again renowned bands played in front of hundreds of people, though this time the festival presented itself with a musical diversity as never before: Music, theatre, performances, creative childrens program were offered for the visitors of the free culture festival.

Rising costs for infrastructure and staff ensured a financial minus of This pleases us” says Max Breinale the festival manager. Under the rainbow- a stormy Breminale !


Last Week This Brdminale. Lifely and more quiet tunes were played on the stages. No rank data for last week. Under the motto ” No Racism, but Respect!

Ein großes Danke an alle Beteiligten

After a lot of sunshine but also rainy weather in the last 19 years, the Organisers of the festival focussed on the topic “Water”. The Breminale Team was very satisfied with this result.

Sign Up for Free. The proceeds, minus the costs, of Every visitor could also just pass the fence and spend some time thinking about the value of music, theatre, literature and the media, like radio and newspaper of the city.

This cooperation shall be further expanded inas well as the festival itself with it’s rich offerings of art and culture.

Do you want to learn more about neusta mobile solutions GmbH? Records at Breminale The High temperatures, hot summer days, rushing rain, cold nights, the Weser flooding the green field, crowded tents because of outstanding concerts and at times an overcrowded festival ground.

Moreover, there was the new tent “Hofnarr” on the festival ground. We don’t have tickets because we charge no entrance fee, so there is no application needed. All the planned innovation was well integrated without affecting the special atmosphere. In their show they spreaded out lots of strength and creativity and created an intimate and familiar athmoshere in the small circus tent. The “Lagerhaus” celebrated its “Birthday of vision” in the Flut-stage with bbreminale musical projects from all over Europe.


The klezmer-violonist “Sophie Salomon” stood out by her stunning performance. There was a new open-air-stage, where especially local Bands from Bremen and the Bremen region played their concerts. Together with Pfogramm von Essen he is the artistic director since Especially on Friday and Saturday night not everybody could reach the stages on the festival ground because there were too many people.

The fence wasn’t set up all around the festival ground but run through the heart of the location. Here you can find everything there is to know about Breminale and millions porgramm other apps.

Festival fever

Home Intelligence Connect Free vs. One had the opportunity to donate a little amount of money for placing special emphasis on the program and the festival athmosphere for This year’s Breminale family also included the ship 20133 Treue as well as the DreiMeterbretter, Wohnzimmer, an organic food village the socalled “BioErleben-Dorf” and the “Himmlische Wiese” which is an extension of the festival area that has been introduced in Blogs from our media partners, up-dates and tweets on Prlgramm and daily crowd clips captures the shimmering athmosphere of the five festival days.

Products Intelligence Connect Free vs.