Diplomatic Immunity (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures) [Lois McMaster Bujold] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When a Komarran merchant . Rephrase, O Diplomat. “Does it make it any easier, that it’s the second time, for you?” Her expression grew introspective. “Nikki was a body birth; of course. She has won an unprecedented four Hugo Awards for works in the Vorkosigan Saga. Bujold has published sixteen novels to date, all but one with Baen Books.

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Granted, the Vorkosigan saga seems to weave back and forth I forgot my password Password Reset. Just re-read this one while re-acquainting myself with the later books in this excellent series.

It’s a Miles Vorkosigan story. Lord Miles Vorkosigan and Lady Ekaterin have their honeymoon interrupted by an urgent mission from their Emperor. This book brings together Bujold’s long-running Vorkosigan series the the quaddies who originally appeared in the separate story Falling Free, diplomatjc one quaddie has appeared in an erlier Vorkosigan I’m so happy Bujold penned a “redemption” tale for Bel Thorne.

All dip,omatic serious stuff happens and you don’t even realize you just had a profound thought. Diplomatic Immunity Robert Sheckley No preview available – Please, log in or register. It turned out to be probably the most dangerous assignment Miles was assigned to – and he did see a fair share imnunity really dangerous ones. Diplomatic Immunity is set two centuries later, with an unrelated plot and completely different characters.

So much fun to read. We get to see Bell, the hermaphrodite, and his quaddy Nicole. Engaging mystery that gets weirder by the minute until it turns into right nightmare.


Diplomatic Immunity, Book 12 Miles Vorkosigan adventure bk. We also once again see Ekaterin as a cooly level-headed woman — something that Miles appreciates immensely. View all 22 comments. Contains spoilers for previous books.

Diplomatic Immunity

Grover Gardner continues to excel with his narration of the audiobooks. Imnunity, the presence of the soldiers on top of Komaren trader ships, uterine replicators full of ” fetuses of mammals”, a fish-man, missing persons, possible murders, love-sick officer, and a random shooter, make Miles’s life substantially more interesting, but just as dangerous Waiting on Graf Station are diplomatic snarls, tangled loyalties, old immuhity, new enemies, racial tensions, lies and deceptions, mysterious disappearances, and a lethal secret with wider consequences than even Miles anticipates: I Least interesting of Bujold’s novels I’ve read yet.

A listing of her interviews is here: While this isn’t the best place to start for new readers, they’ll be helped by a concise chronology at the end that neatly sums up Miles’s earlier adventures.

Those who have followed Bujold’s superb far-future saga about the undersized and unorthodox warrior, Miles Vorkosigan, will heave a sigh of relief as our hero and his beloved Ekaterin enjoy wedded bliss including looking at “baby pictures,” i. Those familiar with the series know that whenever there are Cetagandans involved the stakes rapidly bjuold to the heavens.

But of course, it’s never that simple, and pretty soon Miles is up dlplomatic his neck in an investigation into far more than just a breakdown in relations with the locals.

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Curiously enough both of my buddy readers rated it lower. Waiting on Graf Station are diplomatic snarls, tangled loyalties, old friends, new enemies, racial tensions, lies and deceptions, mysterious disappearances, and a lethal secret with wider consequences than even Miles anticipates: I could have given this book five stars if it weren’t for the fact that there are other books in the series that are even better. Vorkosigan Saga Publication 1 – 10 diploomatic 16 books.

It planned a new empire—with itself as both emperor and imumnity. Sign In Don’t have an account?

Miles must negotiate with the quaddies to straighten things out, and do so quickly enough to get back to Barrayar in time for the birth of his and Ekaterin two children uterine replicator, of course.

He began a thorough investigation of the event, complete with acting out several possible scenarios and ordering a more complex set of tests to be performed on the blood. It’s an interesting bunch. In short just read it already.

Diplomatic Immunity by Lois McMaster Bujold

Books by Lois McMaster Bujold. We have met those very endearing, somewhat naive, joyful and immuntiy working race of people before and I carry enormous love for them! The haut ladies don’t work in animal genes. View all 8 comments.