Every MIME type, listed in one convenient table. Suffixes applicable, Media type and subtype(s).3dm, x-world/x-3dmf.3dmf, x-world/x-3dmf. MimeType – an actual MIME type holder – and tion. MimetypesFileTypeMap – class whose instance can resolve MIME type as String for a file. setDataHandler(new DataHandler(new ByteArrayDataSource(s, mimetype))); } catch At this point the datasource is actually a {@link ByteArrayDataSource}.

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A good overview on available libraries is given at rgagnon. As of Java 7, html, pdf and jpeg extensions return the correct mime-type but js and css return null! Bytearraydatasouce, vanilla implementation of this the one that comes with JDK leaves a lot to be desired. Gytearraydatasource increased the size of my jar by 54MB!!!

Following code snippet may help you. In its vanilla implementation this does not do much i. FileTypeDetectorwhich defines a standard API for determining a file type in implementation specific way.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Post as a guest Name. Disconnecting the URLConnection would unlock it. More hints are provided at https: You only need this function public static String getContentType byte[] data, String name It probes the first bytes of the content and returns the content types based on that content and not by file extension.

If you’re an Android developer, you can use a utility class android. In Java 7 you can now just use Files. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a fully valid solution, but breaks portability – which is one of the main reasons to use Java in the first place It has some problems detecting XLSX if there’s no extension on filename Perfect solution – helped me a lot! After trying various other libraries I settled with mime-util. You can do it with just one line: I’m running on OS X Worked for the simple, popular, and few file types I needed: Lu55 docs say that still uses the document content.


ByteArrayDataSource (JavaMail API)

It seemed that on windows Files. The Bytearraydatasourde definition provides for facilities that support either for determining file mime type from file name or from file content magic bytes.

I have had a problem with software working on ubuntu but failing on windows. This is the simplest way I found for doing this: That is why probeContentType method throws IOException, in case hytearraydatasource implementation of this API uses Path provided to it to actually try to open the file associated with it.

Please note that MediaType.

Java Examples for javax.mail.util.ByteArrayDataSource

The solution I found, as also is said by Joshua Fox in a superficial way, is to use MimeUtil2like this: If you are stuck with java then this utility class from servoy open source product. Joshua Fox 7, 9 50 Not every Java program is required to be portable. The implementation in this class calls getContentType f.

Sign up using Email and Password. All had extension renamed. I didn’t vote you down butgetFileNameMap doesn’t work for many basic file typesfor example ‘bmp’. Frakcool 7, 5 25 In the real world, the one where you need TL,DR section, you should find the library with most stars next to it’s name and use it. Look the complete test code Java 7: This is useless if the file has a missing or wrong extension.


Second you should look to convert the first 4 bytes of your file to hexadecimal and then compare it with the magic numbers. So, if you want to generalize, you’ll need to go beyond the built-in libraries, using, e. Sign up using Facebook. I don’t know if I’m just doing something horribly wrong, but that seems rather terrible.

For exmaple if name is test. First of all, MIME types list is hugesee here: To fetch mime type for a file, you would simply use Files and do this in your code:. I tried several ways to do it, including the first ones said by Joshua Fox. Determine file type from file extension Since 1. With Apache Tika you need only three lines of code:.

Jul 29 ’15 at Cassio Seffrin 5 9. Be aware that Files. It is, however, super simple to add any content type you may need:.

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