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Retrieved 9 April A changing economic and retail environment in the late 20th century, along with mismanagement, culminated in the chain’s bankruptcy in A chain that had once prided itself on its buying offices throughout the globe and on the unique and diverse goods that it offered its customers had, by the latter half of the twentieth century, an antiquated supply chain and a haphazard and confused approach to merchandising.

As Canada’s population became more urban over the course of the 20th century, Canadians had access to a greater number of local stores, and were less reliant on catalogue purchases.

The first parade took place on December 2, The new Eaton’s was scheduled to open September 1,but was pushed back three times, eventually opening November Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Also, although closed following Eaton’s bankruptcy, the 9th floor restaurant in the former downtown Montreal store remains, albeit in an mothballed state and closed to the public.

Eaton’s – Wikipedia

Many Canadians were in shock. In its first year of operation, with Timothy Eaton responsible for buying the goods to stock the store, and a staff of four, expectations were low that a store with a no-credit and no-haggling policy would succeed. Construction was haphazard; all stores opened unfinished and renovations would continue well into Orser, how could you? For many years, the Winnipeg Eaton’s store was considered the most successful department store in the world, given how it dominated its hxmmer market.


Eaton’s had two buying offices located in Europe see advestiment with addresses for offices [4]:. Consequently, Eaton’s had missed much of the hhammer holiday season and opened with merchandise already marked down.

Arrow Hart

With the advent of urban sprawl, most Canadian downtown shopping districts which were historically dominated by Eaton’s had to increasingly share retail sales with growing suburban shopping areas, where Eaton’s was just one of many competitors. Many approaches to sales and service that are taken for granted by customers today were originally popularised by Timothy Eaton and his store. InEaton’s purchased the Goodwin’s store in Montreal. As the family is francophonethe mother does not order using the catalogue forms but instead writes a note and sends money to the department store.

Eaton by returning it. It now sits in the city’s new arena, Bell MTS Placeone floor up from nearly the same spot where it stood in the old store.

Eaton Corporation Product Quick Search

George Eatonthe last of the family to be involved in management, resigned as chief hamme inbeing succeeded by George Kosich. Today, a large number of Eaton’s catalogue homes still exist throughout the country, primarily in the West.

As the chain formed the anchor of many of these shopping centres, these often carried the ” Eaton Centre ” name.

The first Eaton’s catalogue was a page booklet issued in Private — Public — These spaces were subsequently taken over mainly by Holt Renfrew Calgary and Nordstrom in Ottawa, Vancouver, and downtown Toronto[14] though Sears Canada retained the top floors of the former Toronto Eaton Centre location for its head offices.

Retailing and land use trends in the last decades of the 20th century did not favour Eaton’s.


This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat Timothy Eaton and his family were on hand for the opening of the second Eaton’s store, with the Winnipeg Daily Tribune noting in its front-page headline: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Eaton’s acquired a city block on Portage Avenue at Donald Street, and the five-storey Eaton’s store opened to much fanfare on July 15, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Although Mark Cohen officially announced that the Eaton’s chain had seen an impressive rebound in Juneby he retired the “Eaton’s” name. As late as the s, Canadian Magazine estimated that Winnipeggers spent more than 50 cents of every shopping dollar excluding groceries at Eaton’s, and that on a busy day, one out of every ten Winnipeggers would visit the Portage Avenue store.

Three of its stores were converted to Eaton’s stores, and the others were permanently closed. Over time, the competition between the Simpson’s and Eaton’s department stores, facing each other across Queen Street West, became one of Toronto’s great business rivalries. The catalogue had many other uses, ranging from its use as a learning tool by settlers learning to speak English, to its use as goalie pads during hockey games.

Not all former Xatalogo stores are architectural landmarks: Eaton Company Limitedcommonly known as Eaton’swas a Canadian retailer that was once Canada ‘s largest department store chain. The business prospered, and Eaton moved the store one block north in August into much larger premises at Yonge Street.