CE CONSTRUCTION PLANNING AND SCHEDULING 2 marks and AND SCHEDULING SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. CE Construction Planning & Scheduling QUESTIONS ANNA Planning & Scheduling SUBJECT CODE: CE REGULATION: Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type: pdf. Details: CE Construction Planning and Scheduling – Lecture Notes (V+ edition).

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This will be necessary for their effective studies in a large number of engineering subjects like heat conduction, communication systems, electro-optics and electromagnetic theory.

MG Principles of Management 3 3 2. GE Computer Programming 3 3 6. Further, he should understand the principle of work and energy. CE Surveying II 3 3 6. Evaluation of Project Report: The camp record shall include all original field observations, calculations and plots. CE Finite Element Techniques 3 3 Losses in Pipes Major loss — Friction loss Pipe lengths min. Prabhu, Spades Publishers, Calicut. CE Traffic Engineering and Management 3 3 8. Students become conversant with the definition, purpose, location and materials of coastal structures such as piers, breakwaters, wharves, jetties, quays and spring fenders.

All these should be achieved both conceptually and through solved fe2353. Taylor series method — Euler method for first order equation — Fourth order Runge — Kutta wyllabus for solving first and second order equations — Multistep methods: Drawing of a plan of residential building Two bed rooms, kitchen, hall, etc.


Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2. The application of similitude and model study are covered subsequently.

Publications, New Delhi, Shape memory alloys SMA: This course gives a complete procedure for solving different kinds of problems occur in engineering numerically.

CIVIL Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation

Characteristics of PN and Zener diode 7. Rewriting exercises using numerical adjectives. Hand book on Irrigation Water Requirement, R. Emphasis has also been given on the principles of sustainable housing policies and ce2335. Tamilnadu PWD Code, 3. Rau and David C Hooten Ed. V-block, Base of a mixie, Simple stool, Objects with hole and curves. Agastya Anna university syllabus. Students will also gain some basic knowledge on international aspect of management.

UNIT II DEMAND AND SCHEDULE 8 Demand – demand schedule – demand curve – law of demand – elasticity of demand – types of elasticity – factors cd2353 elasticity – measurement – its significance – supply – supply schedule – supply curve – law of supply – elasticity of supply – time element in the determination of value – market price and normal price – perfect competition – monopoly – monopolistic competition.

Pasala Dayaratnam — Design of Steel Structure — Spon Press, London and New York, Conduct metric titration Mixture of weak and strong acids 3.

CIVIL Engineering Anna University Syllabus Regulation 2013

This course enables the students to develop skill on evaluation of the pavements and to decide appropriate types of maintenance. The student develops skills on airport planning and design with the prime focus on runway and taxiway geometrics. P and Johnson Jr.


This also covers the rate analysis, valuation of properties and preparation of reports for estimation of various items. Creation of 3-D models of simple objects and obtaining 2-D multi-view drawings from 3D model.

Banumathi, Tuni east Godavari District.

Reinforced Concrete Structural elements — P. Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements. Wang, Tata McGraw-Hill, At the end of this course the student shall be able to design some of the structures. Rajasekaran, S, Sankarasubramanian, G.

Tata McGraw Hill, Classroom Session 20 1. Bio Medical Engineering 4.

Ce construction planning and scheduling syllabus divisions – onnsuk

The mechanics of rainfall, its spatial and temporal measurement and their applications will be understood. Ground water quality and development of ground water methods are dealt. Gopal Ranjan and Rao A.

The students acquire knowledge on site reconnaissance for location and planning of harbours.