Analysis and discussion of characters in Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide. Erec and Enide has ratings and 46 reviews. BAM said: De Troyes is little known unless one is a French medieval student. He write these four lyrical p. Originally written in Old French, sometime in the second half of the 12th Century A.D., by the court poet Chretien DeTroyes. Translation by W.W.

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Consequently, he takes her on such an adventure, asking her to never speak with him unless spoken to first.

Erec and Enide

He tells her not to speak to him as they travel, meaning that if enemies come to attack Erec, he expects Enide not to warn him. I also could not understand at all why Enide was forever noticing these imminent dangers while Erec was blissfully unaware. Virtually nothing is known of his life.

This is the old, and obsolete, W.

Erec’s kind of a eenide for the majority of the text, and there’s a lot of misogyny at play which isn’t all that fun. The poem comprises 6, octosyllables in rhymed couplets. In normal conditions, Erec would not have acted like a sulky teenager, knights wouldn’t have waited their turn to fight him and Enide’s warning him would have often proved vital – as for their travelling together unaccompanied, refer to Game of Thrones.

Erec and Enide – Wikipedia

Possibly a native of Troyes, he enjoyed patronage there from the Countess Marie of Champagne before dedicating his last romance to Count Philip of Flanders, perhaps about Another theme of the work is the Christianity, evidenced by the plot’s orientation around the Christian Calendar.


The translation is good and keeps the rhyme, though at times I wonder how true it is to the original. Books Digital Products Journals. Cline’s translation also tickles our intellect because through it we can read the ecclesiastical elements and classical motifs. I have studied Welsh, Scot, Irish and English Medieval history; in addition, I have read books and materials concerning the politics and the culture, and the faith and the myths.

Erec and Enide marry in the first third of the story though, and the rest is the navigation of masculinity and femininity and knowledge of partner in this married space. A prose version was made in the 15th century.

The central half of the poem begins some time later when rumors spread that Erec has come to neglect his chrftien duties due to his overwhelming love for Enide and desire to be with her. The Celtic legend, Griselda, which I have not read and is mentioned in the introduction, forms the skeleton of Erec and Enide’s story. Erec and Enide is one of those books that can take you by surprise and enrage you, and that is one of the numerous reasons I would recommend it to somebody. Courageous men-sword fighting, the reec bit.

I noticed the Arthurian legend enise the Christian symbolism portrayed through the characters of Erec, Enide and King Arthur. But I could never really get into the story because I hated the romance itself. In his last, unfinished work, Percevalthe mysterious Drec makes its first appearance in literature.

In the 12th century, conventional love stories tended to have an unmarried heroine, or else one married to a man other than the hero. C’est l’histoire d’Erec, un des plus braves chevaliers du roi Arthur: View all 5 comments.

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Tests play an important part in character development and marital fidelity. Erec and Enide French: What a great story. This was a sort of unapproachable, chaste courtly love.

His poetry is marked by a learning and a taste for dialectic acquired in Latin schools; but at the same time it reveals a warm human sympathy which breathes life into characters and situations. Found it very interesting how not about Arthur it was, as enire whole.

Erec et Enide features many of the common elements of Arthurian romance, such as Arthurian characters, the knightly quest, and women or df as a catalyst to action. Whatever took place in that oft’ concussed noggin of his, the cold shoulder was EPIC. As long as I could keep the feminist and continuity chretieh in my chrefien to stay quiet, this was grand — lots of adventures, sufficient Gawain to keep me from whining and he’s a good guy, too, extra-special bonusand some really nice turns of phrase.

In this new verse translation of one of the great works of French literature, Dorothy Gilbert captures the vivacity, wit, and grace of the first known Arthurian romance. Il affronte enfin la “Joie de la Cour”: The duty of manhood explained through the trials of medieval fantasy.