GUSTAV AULÉN AND CHRISTUS VICTOR. In recent years, the theory of atonement known as Christus Victor (“Christ the victor”) has been both championed. The term Christus Victor comes from the title of Gustaf Aulén’s groundbreaking book 1st published in ’31 which drew attention to early Church understanding of. Gustaf Aulen’s classic work, ‘Christus Victor’, has long been a standard text on the atonement. Aulen applies “history of ideas’ methodology to historical theology.

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Christus Victor

The Covenanters of Damascus. Being relatively short, odds are we read it between two class sessions as a supplement to the primary source materials covered. Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Men are not able to make the necessary satisfaction, because they are all sinful. In the end, I found there was much to like in the classic view of Christianity, and as someone who was raised Lutheran, I found his defense of Luther as an advocate for the earlier view to be enlightening.

Seeking the Face of God.

The subjective view of atonement is championed by Schleiermacher in the 19th century and, wittingly or not, still dominates to the present day, including the American Evangelicals such as Billy Graham.

But, on the other hand, the satisfaction must be made by man, because man is guilty. More specifically, I have been bothered by the idea of the atonement as I learned it: Now, therefore, those tyrants and gaolers are all crushed, and in their place is come Jesus Christ, a Lord of Life, righteousness, all good and holiness, and He has snatched us poor lost men from the jaws of hell, won us, made us free, and brought us back to the Father’s goodness and grace quoted on He redeemed it still united to his nature on the cross.


The Faith of the Christian Church. Before reading it I’d only heard references and short descriptions of the “Christus Victor” view of Christs’ work of atonement.

Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective and add more content related to non-recent events. That is to disfigure it so that it fits with the categories of the Victog view. Once you get the hang of it it all makes sense. Anyone who wants to think about After reading this book I am even more committed to the Anselmian view of the atonement.

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We do that all the time even though it’s not currently fashionable to admit to it. Christian soteriological theology has generally perplexed me.

Qulen reading this book I am even more committed to the Anselmian view of the atonement. He states multiple times in the book that he’s not writing an apologetic work in favor of the “classic” Christus Victor view of the atonement, but it’s obvious to see where his sympathies lie.

Man comes to understand that all things are dependent on God, and, therefore, that which seems to disturb the harmony of things does so only in appearance How else could the death of Christ deliver men from the wrath of God and overcome of the powers?


Classic Spurgeon Sermons Volume I: Once the Devil accepted Christ’s death as a victof, this theory concluded, justice was satisfied and God was able to free us from Satan’s grip. Christ’s sacrifice is the penance offered to God for human sin: Aulen himself does not like victtor view, because it seems to make the death and resurrection of Jesus somewhat pointless. This is a classic theological text that argues against the Augustinian ualen that Christ died as a blood sacrifice for humanity, to pay for humanity’s sins, and instead posits that the resurrection was about victory over death, not some reenactment of the Temple animal sacrifices.

Then, the absurd question arises: Would you like us to take another look at this review? No trivia or quizzes yet. You submitted the following rating chrstus review.

Essentially, this theory claimed that Adam and Eve sold humanity over to the Devil at the time of the Fall ; hence, justice required that God pay the Devil a ransom to free us from the Devil’s clutches. Ahlen an excellent review of this book, I recommend the one by George Evenson.

Christus Victor – New World Encyclopedia

It seems to have a few holes, here and there, but still well done and enjoyable. Both ransom and satisfaction theories presuppose the radical split common to ancient societies between aristocrats “the good” and everybody else.

Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers.