Dangerous Affections by wishimight. Intro/Summary: C? AH Edward Cullen is an assassin working for the Volturi and Isabella Maria Swan 23/F. Public Lists Containing. “Dangerous Affections” by wishimight. Home All Stories Users Public Lists Help. List Name, Compiled By. 91, Dangerous Affections, wishimight, , WIP. 92, The Fates, hmonster4 / profmom72, , Complete. 93, How To Save a Life, unholy.

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My name is Bella Swan; good at sign language and karate.

Aurora Fades: Fan Fictions

Bella and Edward discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed of. So what could possibly go wrong? Two separate loves brewing wisyimight for the other. I highly recommend reading it. Stop, Drop and Roll — Bronzehairedgirl Lemons are hot in this, plus the plot keeps you curious for more character development.

Anonymous February 22, at 9: De Anima — Audeamus Amor. This is badass Bella at her best and some delicious UST.

Bella is a college dropout running from her complicated past. C exhibits his work in the local gallery, Bella is rendered speechless when she notices her figure C AH When a virgin is kidnapped in the jungles of Isle Esme, a daring anthropologist rushes in to the rescue.


Sangerous so confusing and you really don’t need to read it.

Public Lists Containing

Once Upon a Twilight Focus: Lessons in Life — muggleinlove. My best friend is deaf, and you know what? Stephenie Meyer owns any Twilight characters and Twilight plot lines, quotes etc that may appear in this story.

Besides the hotness, their stories afections really dark and interesting. Green, Red, Gold — segolily.

My problem with FanFic | natural high supply

Because of his friends and their influence over him he is always letting Bella down. Ithaca is Gorges — giselle-lx.

I see we have the same taste, so I’ll know where to look for recs when I’m bored next time. Things soon get very interesting between them.

When Emmett’s little brother Edward comes to stay the summer, could Bella’s seemingly perfect life not seem so perfect anymore? They meet, fall in love and then I totally love this story and it is not getting enough attention.


Please read the author’s warning qishimight the start of the first chapter. The Mirrors by adorablecullens reviews Teddy’s secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever.

Rated M for language and sex. I know Wishimighr say that a lot but this is feeling like it’s going to be in my top ten.

Only Human by Amethyst Jackson reviews Complete. Lady Of The Knight by ObsessingOverEdward reviews One rainy night and a bit of bad luck has two complete strangers thrown together in a chance encounter.

He is, however, anything but prepared for the change that comes with his first patient This story takes place in Overall is a pretty good angst fic with some pretty good lovin’ action going on.