Apr 18, The Diamondback Salary Guide is published yearly, and the print copy is kept behind the It is also available online, from to the present. Apr 24, After weathering ‘s budget battles, the state finds itself in a far It is in this spirit that The Diamondback publishes its annual salary guide. Apr 21, University of Maryland Salary Guide. Ever wondered UMD Police respond to report of sex offense on Fraternity Row. Aaron Feldstein.

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B March 31,5: November 8, Presentations are the worst part because he doesn’t know what he wants. He has the most boring and monotone voices I have ever heard. He does not like hearing any different point of views. Discussion sections every week which I guid had the worst structure.

I wish the class would have focused more on discussing a number of different sports rather than a focus on race, class, and gender. History of Sport in America sounded like a fun and interesting topic, which it probably is unfortunately it is taught by Dr. You then have to make a powerpoint individually and as a group. I was not looking forward to this class.

They may be used by those companies gjide build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites. As a core, this class was awful. I am not a big sports fan.

Arizona Diamondbacks Salaries & Payroll Table | Spotrac

It is a LIT class. The class has nothing to do with sport whatsoever. But he genuinely knows the information and makes the content clear. But usually it evens out and you get some of each letter grade. Do not take this.


Maintaining transparency: The Diamondback’s 2013 Salary Guide

He prides himself in making everyone feel inferior. B December 17,7: These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. He was really laid back, straight forward, and compassionate. I took this class online. He also doesn’t post any of the lecture slides online, making attendance almost mandatory. B May 20,9: I did more writing and analyzing of literature in this class than I did of the two other english classes I’ve taken at UMD.

He is not the most interesting and his voice is sort of monotone.

Maryland salary database: 2012 state employees

I took the class this winter and it was horrible. C January 26,9: His lectures are redundant, boring, barely have anything to do with sports. A midterm exam, a paper and a final exam and paper. His lectures are very boring and the lecture material is almost irrelevant. I wanted to shoot my foot off in class every day, avoid him at all costs. That being said he is very fair, he does not play favorites and class is not that boring.

I would go as far as to say that Dr. The professor spends a lot of time talking about non-sports related topics.

He will not give you a break, meaning salry you are 3 minutes late and there was a quiz that day you will receive a zero. Not a fun class. I was fortunate enough to have a good one, but if you sense your Walary will be a difficult grader, drop this course.


Every time I tried to email him for help he sloughed it off but in class would say that no one came to him for help!

Most of your grade for this class depends on your TA. You read these long articles every week and have to submit a individual powerpoint presentation as well as present a group one in discussion. So each week doamondback group gets a A B C or D. Almost everybody brings their laptop and if you forget yours then may god bless your soul. September 4, There’s just lots of busy work. He wasted our class time, and was very rude to some of his students.

First of viamondback, the class is improperly named.

B April 27, It’s not worth wanting to pull your hair out listening to him and posting on the discussion board. Many times he reprimands you for trying to connect it to sport. B- May 3, The material is common sense, the work is busy work. Even if he suggests otherwise, your grade will always be subjective to what he thinks the article’s main thesis or argument is which grade-wise means is RISKY.

And most definitely do not take it if it is not required for your major.

He basically does nothing, only TA takes part of discussions. The articles are stupid to begin with.