One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity. Millions have turned to the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. Channeling Your Higher Self by Edgar Cayce, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Knowledge not applied [is] much more costly than the bliss of ignorance. And guided visualization exercises will help you reveal the hidden treasures of your Higher Self, and achieve new dimensions of insight and awareness.

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Arpita rated it really liked it Oct 13, Another famous study found that when sick people were prayed for, they recuperated faster and better. The Ultimate Form of Channeling. This is a good book to recommend to novice people.

The following period of sleep would often bring profoundly meaningful dreams. The book is not just about the topic of channelling but very much from yout heart of one of the greatest practitioners, which makes it so powerful. This heightens your ability to listen and understand the advice you receive.

For example, if you are visiting a psychic, meditate on your ideal before the visit.

Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed

Return to Book Page. Each topic is done well, but with so many topics, there is only enough time to whet your appetite for a new haunt that you can chase elsewhere in more detail. Jeff Munnis rated it it was amazing Jun 03, Publisher’s Summary Millions have turned to the teachings of Chnneling Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history.


According to Edgar Cayce and modern psychology, your subconscious mind is extraordinarily creative and will follow the directions you give it. An illuminating work that takes readers on a journey to the most important realm of the human spirit. Cqyce we share with others, it makes more room for energy to come to us. One of the best for material cuanneling narration.

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Very well written book some great information on channeling. Love all things Cayce! Some societies have traditional rituals in which people seek dream guidance. VOE rated it it was amazing Mar 02, About Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce grew up in poverty and achieved only an eighth-grade education.

Channeling Your Higher Self by Edgar Cayce on Audio Download

Try to enjoy the process, and not focus on the end result. Similarly, the Lord’s Prayer acts to attune the endocrine glands in a particular pattern, by directing the attention through each chakra. In the delf, they relate their dreams, censoring nothing.

Feel the energy of the earth rising up through your feet.

They would have to live the precepts. Bring the dream into the world of your conscious mind.

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Edgar Cayce Narrated by: Ask your dreams to show if there is a better solution, and imagine yourself taking the intended action as you go to sleep, with the letter under your pillow.


The dreams that follow can be surprisingly helpful. Chapter 12 The Channel of Cooperation in a Group. This concept shows why it is that any individual can access information from any location or source in the universe, including living or dead people, as well as sources of consciousness that have never been embodied. Keeping the above approaches in mind, you can move on to meditating on an ideal. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Channeling Your Higher Self

Stanley Ralph Ross Channeeling Inspirational writing, unlike the automatic kind, goes hand-in-hand with spiritual development. This audio gives some basic information about Cayce’s life and his ideas of what the nature of the higher self is as well as how to manifest or channel it. The explanation of favoring searching for connection with ones own higher self opposed to trusting communication with random past souls through mediums.

If you attune to an ideal, then set the ego aside to make room for spontaneity, you become a channel of the ideal. But Cayce warned that, when we open ourselves to channeling, it’s possible to receive from the edagr voices that are neither helpful nor benevolent.