Get this from a library! El cuaderno de Rutka. [Rutka Laskier]. El cuaderno de Rutka / Rutka’s Notebook: A Voice from the Holocaust (Spanish. El cuaderno de Rutka by Rutka Laskier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. El cuaderno de Rutka by Rutka Laskier at – ISBN – ISBN – Suma – – Softcover.

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What I can say is that, for better or worse, the comparison brings these poignant testimonies together. El cuaderno de Rutka. In one scene, a brutal murder is juxtaposed el cuaderno de rutka a wedding ceremony; a greater contrast is harder to imagine. This is a diary from an approximate four month period from a teenage girl. It tells dd how people in hiding were forced to hide their true feelings and live amicably in confined quarters, despite their differences.

She had an extended vocabulary which made me have to think. There are many Holocaust memoirs and diaries out there, all of them bearing powerful testimony to human cruelty and human greatness at the same time, tragic artifacts of that terrible period. Rutka’s diary is slim – only about 50 pages she wrote cudaerno for only 4 months.

There is a copy of the actual Page of Testimony filed with Yad Vashem by Rutka’s father after the war, this testimony states the family members of Yaacov Laskier that were murdered in the Holocaust.

The editors commentary, photos and other documents enhanced my appreciation of Rutka’s diary. Although the notebook gives some interesting insight into what was happening to the people in the ghetto, it can be difficult to relate to some of the people since Rutka already knows them and does not go into much details about them. The round toddler cheeks are just too similar to my own laskiee year old’s.



One can lose one’s mind thinking about this. A very informative and emotional read. Este es un libro que no puede vivir sin las explicaciones.

It’s a mere 86 pages and it took me just shy of a week to read. This is an important book cuaaderno everyone to read! Reading her diary we can live and touch the hard life Jewish gone through during Second World War with fear and no faith in the future.

And, of course, there are boys — nice ones and, well, icky ones. There is a decent bibliography included in the end as well. I’m turning into an animal waiting to die. I enjoyed that as cuqderno as the d A friend picked this one up for me, knowing of my interest in Holocaust memoirs. In one scene, a brutal murder is juxtaposed with a wedding ceremony; a greater contrast is harder to imagine. I found the resources very helpful since this book was so short and would recommend looking at the resources at the back should you want additional books.

This boo Paskier book takes just an hour to read and does a nice job of putting her 50 pages of diary in historical context. Rutka has been called the Polish Anne Frank. An 82 year old friend of Rutka’s held onto to her diary for 61 years.

Rutka’s story is, in some senses, harder to read than Anne’s. A short but revealing look This is a very brief but particularly personal insight into the Holocaust. A moving read on a young life cut short due to the Holocaust.

I do not feel it is for me to render a judgment, so I will simply present a few facts el cuaderno de rutka let each el cuaderno de rutka decide for him- or herself. I found the diary itself rather disappointing; very typical of a 14 year old girl, concerned with friends, boys, etc.


Rutka’s friend then held on the notebook, in secret, for over 60 years. For example, a sentence where some words were left off because of humidity, etc. Feb 26, Theresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: She felt so real to me, as if I was rutkaa listening in on her telling someone about her life.

I enjoyed that as laskidr as the diary itself. She hides the diary and arranges with Stanislawa to find and keep it.

Open Preview See a Problem? To see what cuzderno friends thought of this book, please sign up. She wrote at one point, “I’m turning into an animal waiting to die”. This book helped me realize that even more. I lost my breath and bawled when she talked about “something being broken inside” and proceeded to calmly describe the murder of a Jewish child in front of his mother by a Nazi. And then mixed in are some incredibly deep thoughts about happiness and freedom and life itself.

Rutka Laskier

It is amazing to see how teenagers view the terrible tragedies of war and it broke my heart to hear about Rutka’s friends and love interests going through the Holocaust. And, of course, there are boys – nice ones and, well, icky ones. Told from a youthful perspective, this book holds some poignant and often harrowing insights in to the terrible events of this era. Similar Items Related Subjects: He went on to remarry and have a daughter, Zahava.