Ernest Francisco Fenollosa was an art historian, professor of philosophy and political economy, and curator of Asian art. He was the son of Manuel Fenollosa, . English: Ernest Francisco Fenollosa (February 18, – September 21, ) was an American professor of philosophy and political. This essay was practically finished by the late Ernest Fenollosa; I have done little more than remove a few repetitions and shape a few sentences. We have.

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Being poet neither by inclination nor training I ask in childish wonder why the second line as English is not rendered. United States of America.

Eighty percent of these are made up of eight strokes or less. And this despite the best efforts of the players to twist meanings to that end, an enthusiasm that has led in many cases to misreading or misinterpretation, as shown in the following notes:. Simple forms, as may be expected, recur in the more complex characters. But unless Nature deliberately contrived outlandishness for the Japanese and Germans and others whom we have sought in recent decades to confound, there is little left of that universal order.

Having acted alternately as descriptive and prescriptive grammarian, Fenollosa here assumes the role of historical grammarian. Somewhat random but still timely posts about culture, history, and the material environment, from the perspectives of academia, Salem and beyond.

Fenollosa, Pound and the Chinese Character

Where there is a partner, there is a way. But this is a new thought, and it may completely overshadow the thought that was in the mind of the writer.


The Japanese reshuffling of cultural priorities placed him in a…. In the “Terminology” prefaced to Pound’s translation of “The Great Digest” a Chinese character meaning ‘sincerity’ is analyzed as “the precise definition of the word, pictorially the sun’s lance coming to rest on the precise spot verbally. For five years, fromFenollosa headed the Oriental department of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts erneat, where his own great collection of ernesh 1, paintings, sold earlier, was housed.

Thank You for Your Contribution! The third character of the poem is divisible into a pictograph ‘woman’ on the left and a pictograph ‘mouth’ on the right. Houghton MS Am And finally, the poem has a unity drnest thought. But in this case I mean the sound nyo that is not ‘woman’, and you will recognize it as the word ‘like’.

The important question is, “What was the word represented by a particular character in the eighth century, how did that word sound, and what were its connotations? Those who take the trouble to compare this with Legge’s translation will find that Pound has in large measure taken over philologist Legge and dressed up the English that was sadly unpoetic.

In the specimen of poetry here reproduced, a number of formal requirements are shown. We do find the dust-jacket proclaiming that “Pound’s translation At the earliest times that we know the word for ‘woman’ was nyoand the fenolloas for ‘like’ happened also to be nyoor something very close to it.

Despite the trumpeting of Fenollosa to announce a new visual interpretation of Chinese poetry, there is no evidence that he ever followed his own call.

An important educator during the modernization of Japan during the Meiji Era, Fenollosa was an enthusiastic Orientalist who did much to preserve traditional Japanese art. On the other hand fenolloa have ten nouns and three adjectives.


Fenollosa was not clear whether the grammarian was one who described how a language operated or one who prescribed how it should operate. But in our age this issue is a corpse, and the palm is lifeless. What this all amounts to is simply that Chinese poetry was composed in a language, as all poetry must be. During their time in Japan, Fenollosa also acquired a huge collection of traditional Japanese art, which he sold to Boston physician and philanthropist Charles Goddard Fenollosw with the condition that it eventually be donated to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, erneet it now constitutes the Fenollosa-Weld Collection.

Having eased himself of his rancor toward prescriptive grammarians, if such there were, Fenollosa moves happily in his essay to the post of fenol,osa grammarian of Chinese.

Since the number of primitives is small, it follows that most Chinese characters appear as composites. One of the typical situations in which poetry was composed was at an earnest cocktail party, after sufficient spirit had been infused.

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Please try again later. Keep Exploring Britannica Charles Dickens.

But scribes represented it phonetically with their existing character for ‘metamorphosis’, and later, for the sake of clarity, added above it the symbol for vegetation which was already fenollosz in the character for hhwa ‘flower’.