Veteran romantic-suspense novelist Brockmann serves up a heady mix of tension, romance and international intrigue. Readers first meet. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Flashpoint (Troubleshooters Series #7) by Suzanne Brockmann at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. A full throttle adventure teamed with heated emotion, Flashpoint proves that Suzanne Brockmann can spin suspense unlike any other author working today.

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Title Page Copyright Chapter. Our Books See all Books. I did like that there was a dynamic between Nash and the team leader Decker where Decker could very well be in love with Tess.

Suspecting that the pretty schemer works for the mining outfit that is trying to steal his land, he has no qualms about snatching her and holding her at his camp where she can do no harm. Yes – the whole series Who was your favorite character and why? Formerly an operative of a top secret government agency, he has found a new job with a shadowy company called Troubleshooters Inc.

Feels Disconnected From the Series, but wait And it left me thinking that Tess deserved a bit better suzwnne the romance department at the end of the book, though she got what she asked for and should not be short-changed in the future. Morgan Callahan rode away from his family’s cattle ranch to make his own fortune. Knowing Thorne could never have committed such a terrible crime, Gwyn and his friends rally round to clear his name.

Tom is there incidentally but suzanje he’s just mentioned as the big boss. The story features three former members of the CIA, including two hardened brockmxnn and a computer-nerd office girl who wants to be in the field. The main plot concerns whether a communications specialist woman, one Tess Bailey, can prove herself to the boys as a field operative and whether the inarticulate action hero who once had a one-night stand with her, Jimmy Nash, can develop a decent romantic relationship with her.


Once there, they meet Sophia, an American in hiding and in big trouble. Trivia About Flashpoint Troub It was so strong it nearly made him stagger. I actually found it hard to war 3.

brockmqnn I wanted to yell at him to trust Tess because she could be trusted with these secrets but unfortunately it took most of this book for him to realize what he had found in this amazingly smart, confident and beautiful women. I only finished this book because brockmznn anxious to read Max’s story, but the way suuzanne story was told made me actually stop reading it more than once.

Read it Forward Read it first. A ver si la serie mejora. It was too short to discuss. Did they flashpkint Bashir lol I must have missed it. My library Help Advanced Book Search. K-stan, the Pit, has had a major earthquake that has opened it to the western world for relief workers only. He’s not a former Seal, marine and mo This book is clearly a turning point in the series, as it is the first in which some of the Seals from Team 16 have set their own company and work independently.

Despite all that anger, I actually liked this book. Bring Max’s and Gina’s story on!


Turning to a private security firm for protection, Brynn can’t resist getting involved in the investigation. All of this series flashpoiint.

There was much more of this here than in previous books in this series. Determined to find the missing girl and driven by a troubling connection to brock,ann own past, Moss must travel forward in time to seek evidence that will uncover the truth. What readers are saying about Playing with Death: Shocked at their undeniable connection, can they ever admit to wanting more?

Her personal favorite is the one where her most popular character, gay FBI agent Jules Cassidy, wins his happily-ever-after and marries the man of his dreams.


Maybe it added a modicum of a view of their work together as a married couple. Books of the Week. I’ve always enjoyed that component in this series but I have to say that I didn’t really miss it in this book. Maybe introduce some of these characters then get to their story. Getting physically hurt is easier for him to handle then the emotional hurt that f,ashpoint piled on himself for years. To her horror, the future reveals that it’s not only the fate flashpount a family that hinges on her work; for what she witnesses is the Terminus: The deep attraction between them is immediate.

Love the book Love this book. These aren’t WOW books but they are completely addictive and I highly recommend them. I realize that btockmann much of that can be sizanne, but a little detail makes things come to life. And check out Jaci’s gorgeously romantic Hope series beginning with Hope Flames.

Nash is a man with issues and Tess is a woman smart enough to try to get around those issues. Time is running out.

Flashpoint – Suzanne Brockmann – Google Books

Tess and Jimmy’s romance was flahspoint decent. Another member is computer expert Tess Bailey. Sep 04, LaFleurBleue rated it really liked it Shelves: Unfortunately for her, not much has changed – he’s still honorable, hard-working, sexy as sin – and closed off.

Flashpoint Suzanne Brockmann Limited preview – I was a little ticked off with Suzanne Brockmann for not giving me Max’s story next.