Formula Student Electric Rules Brake Over-Travel Switch (Specific FSG change of Formula SAE® Rule B ). ARTICLE 1: FORMULA STUDENT OVERVIEW AND COMPETITION – as article 1 from FSAE Rules except. Formula Student permits students to compete. SAE International. All Rights Reserved. Formula SAE Rules revision. Formula SAE® Rules. Table of Contents.

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The seat may NOT be removed. Total energy absorbed must meet or exceed Joules. Templates for these documents will be available online and must be followed. Part IC – Internal Combustion Vehicles — To simplify the rules we have separated the rules governing internal combustion vehicles from the general technical requirements. Team captains automatically have the same roles and privileges as their team ru,es.

Notice – Teams will not be notified if a document is submitted incorrectly. Fixing typos and clarifying frequently asked questions is not included in that, but wherever possible we’re avoiding changing things on the ‘off year’.

2015 FSAE Rules students.sae.org /cds/formulaseries/rules/ Format

Also, multiple panels may be used to form the firewall but must be sealed at the joints. It must protect the neck of the tallest driver. Do not attempt to design your car based on the parts of the Rules you happen to remember from the last time you read them. Additionally, the team will be required to submit fssae documentation as the organizers may require in advance of the acceptance of any future registration.


Electronic Throttle Control Permitted, but ru,es many requirements, including: Documents may be uploaded to the website from the time your fsaeonline account has been created and accepted See A8.

Comment – The resubmission of an SES that was written and submitted for a competition in a previous year is strongly discouraged.

The shoulder harness must be the over-the-shoulder type. The inner sidewall of the tire vehicle side is not included in this assessment.


Master switch lever horizontal when vehicle running good. The design must show evidence of addressing all three 3 types of heat transfer, namely conduction, convection and radiation, with the following between the heat source, e.

Teams are advised to make an equivalent test with the base line steel tubes such that any compliance in fwae test rig can be accounted for. Includes Open Wheel keepouts from previous slide. Many of the EV requirements will be familiar to teams that have participated in electric competitions. Zach Moorhead Sooner Racing. Caution — Neither this introduction, nor any other summary, is a substitute for reading and understanding the Rules.

Formula SAE Rules par daum – FSAE Rules pdf – Fichier PDF

Aero Device Locations New restrictions on wing positions, diagrams below. Anything your team uploads to the site is considered to be an official action by your team. Rulee free vertical cross section, which allows the template shown in Figure 9 to be passed horizontally through the cockpit to a point mm 4 inches rearwards of the face of the rearmost pedal when in the inoperative position, must be maintained over its entire length.

Tech Sheet pg1 shown Each team receives these forms 4 pgs at registration, and will bring them to you. Registration for the North American Formula SAE competitions will close at the date and time posted on the competition website or when all the registration slots have been taken, whichever occurs first. Cost Reports that are not submitted will receive negative one hundred points and may not participate in the Cost Event. To maintain the equivalent yield and ultimate tensile strength the same cross-sectional area of steel as the baseline tubing specified in T3.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Can we expect this rule to change for ? Approved alternatives per Rules T3. However, the vehicle design requirements and restrictions will remain unchanged. Vehicle shipments by commercial carrier must comply with the laws and regulations of fsaw from which, and to which, the car is being rulez.


Program Submissions — Program submission requirements differ across competitions and may or may not involve penalties.

Recharging low voltage batteries n. The attachment holes in the lugs and in the attached bracing must be a close fit with the pin or bolt. The Rules Committee will respond as quickly as possible, however responses to questions presenting new issues, or of unusual complexity, may take more than two weeks.

These tests must include static strength testing on representative configurations from all locations in the frame. Adjustment of the driver restraint system, head restraint, seat and pedal assembly d. Replenishment of fluids k. The efficiency change is on the list for potential changes. 22012

For additional assistance, please contact CollegiateCompetitions sae. The test facility may be part of the University but must be be supervised by professional staff or University faculty.

Correct, Lithium Iron Phosphate. Primary Master Switch …must be installed so on-position is near horizontal. Introduction Most sophisticated vehicles used in the most technologically advanced form of sports. 0212

All Collegiate Design Series teams registered for competitions in North America have access to all the standards listed below – including standards not specific to your competition. Calculations of EI that do not reference T3. Follow the current submission instructions published on fsaeonline. Account creation for online document submission through fsaeonline requires the following steps:.

For example, if a rule specifies a minimum dimension for a part the Committee will not answer questions asking if a smaller dimension can be used.