Rodolfo Usigli’s El gesticulador is a political commentary in dramatic guise. . son como las botellas que se usan en el teatro: con etiqueta de coñac, y rellenas . Recommended Citation. Alvarez, Luz Maria, “Analisis Literario de el Gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli” (). Master’s Theses. El Gesticulador (pieza para demagogos en tres actos) [Rodolfo Usigli, Rex Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispanica, sexta edicion (Spanish.

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Jun 09, Liliana rated it really liked it. I would even venture to say that his role as a US professor is directly related to how the United States tends to be greedy, sticking its nose in other countries’ business. Although the authors’ muralist counterparts practiced and produced similar and unified works gesticuladof similar messages, the written artists experienced their own sort of rovolfo crisis because there was no central message or common genre. Although the actual language is relatively easy to understand and the themes of appearances and self-identification are overtly emphasized, I consider this play to be a wonderful insight into the mind of artists during the early to mid twentieth century.

This play allows the reader to question appearances and re-evaluate their conception of right and wrong. Again, similar to my previous reading of Los de Abajo, this story does not feature a happy ending rorolfo, but more importantly concludes with the continuation of corrupt leadership and a false idea of heroism. She doesn’t consider herself pretty, but the author draws a lot rodlfo attention to her figure.

This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat Yo soy major que muchos de rodolco. In the second act one of the most interesting dialogue exchanges is between Estrella and Elena in which Estrella says to her “What admirable feminine insight! At issue was the play’s declaration of gesticilador death of the Mexican Revolution in its institutionalization in the Partido Revolucionario Institucional. But for me, Usigli is critiquing this way of “finding oneself” suggesting that identity cannot be rooted only in desire, deception, and falsities.


Quotes from El gesticulador. The repetition of her self-loathing demonstrates the machista attitude in Mexico.

La universalidad de El gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli: Una lectura brechtiana

The story is published in The New York Timesand Rubio comes to the attention of his compatriots, receiving accolades and fielding offers to run for the governorship of his state against a corrupt Revolutionary general. Paperbackpages. View all 7 comments. Open Preview See a Problem? Retrieved from ” https: Trivia About El gesticulador. Es considerado el padre del teatro mexicano moderno. Soulecito rated it it was amazing Dec 03, I can understand why this play was extremely controversial at the time that it was published.

During the second act, Julia completely changes her attitude with the prospect of her father being the governor of the state. I was very aware of the idea of deception as I was reading, and the questioning of whether deception is in fact lying or not. Feb 04, Geesticulador Clare rated it really liked it.

But then I thought about the work as a play, which is meant to be performed and this tempered my unqualified analysis somewhat. She is so focused on outward appearances that she too contributes to the idea of women usiglo seen but not heard. One thing that stuck out to me was how Usigli addressed the idea of the Mexican “mask.

El Gesticulador allows the reader to q This play is a perfect combination of raw human emotions and a reflection upon a person’s ability gesticilador reinvent themselves. Oct 18, Nayely Romero rated it liked it. Fue un escritor indagador de la verdad. Rubio claims to be the deceased hero, telling the professor that, disillusioned with the course of the Revolution, he had embraced anonymity until thirty years thereafter.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Feb 03, Callie Deddens rated rodolfl really liked it.

“Analisis Literario de el Gesticulador de Rodolfo Usigli” by Luz Maria Alvarez

His legacy will live on because of those who believe in it, just like the Mexican Revolution, while appearing to be a failure to some, lived on through those who gesticuulador in its purpose. First, the idealistic martyr who dies early in the war, the professor who inherits and tries to keep alive the revolution’s legacy but fails, and then the politician who tries to evoke the ideals of the hero but is killed by the strongman and only ends up perpetrating the violence.


Es la obra capital de Rodolfo Usigli. Feb 03, Mary Frantz rated it liked it. The play opens, and one of the first lines is Julia complaining that she is ugly. Lists with Gesticilador Book. El Gesticulador allows the reader to question the meaning of truth. Already Usigli introduces themes of doubt, family dispute and tension, and appearances, which is first mentioned by Miguel, Rubio’s son, on the fourth page.

Another rodolf role is that of Oliver Bolton. Rita Montes rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Written in the late s, El Gesticulador took a decade to make it to the stage. To me, Usigli uses his characters as symbols of the Mexican Revolution. I think these are allegorical geeticulador three parts of the Mexican Revolution. Ernie Cordell rated it it was amazing Nov 26, July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Re crees que no saldremos de este lugar a algo mejor, e equivocas.

Usigli offers a very harsh critique of the Mexican government as well as the Mexican revolution, painting a picture of a movement steeped in corruption, lies and manipulation all for personal benefit and gain.

I read this with a rather snarky voice in mind which I believe heightens the male dominance portrayed throughout the play.