Contextual translation of “horeca medewerker” into English. Human translations with examples: horeca, employees, empleados, assistants, contributor, staff. Marketing en sales voor de horeca deel 1 .. the Hospitality Industry Sector [ Handboek van de Referentie-functies voor de Bedrijfstak Horeca]. Hospitality Analysis System (“Horeca Analyse Systeem (HAS)”) of the Dutch Board for the “Handboek Referentiefuncties Bedrijfstak Horeca” (Landelijke.

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Tobe successful referentiefunxties to remain successful, the weaknesses of the team members must be improvedwherever possible. A future manager or entrepreneur must be aware of all issues involved in the proper execution of personnel work. This means you sometimes cannot avoid adopting less spontaneous working practices see tip 2. The personnel plan is implemented using rules, measures and new projects. Formal structure This reflects the approximate categorisation of tasks and responsibilities between various groups within the company for example the kitchen department and the restaurant department.

We refer to this as social isolation. In concrete terms, job enrichment usually means the addition to the job of activities relating to planning, organisation and control. The agreements can be recorded in, for example, the employment contracts, company rules, training courses and the personnel plan.

The point of departure of refereniefuncties personnel policy is that the employees are themselves a source of value and, for that reason, personnel costs should be regarded as an investment.

Trust and safety in the team can only be built up by getting to know each other better and by creating positive joint experiences.

The following terms are used in personnel management: Personnel plan plan Staff are sometimes referred to as human capital. That is how we want to keep it. Employees can only cooperate effectively if they communicate properly. Attempts can be made to limit the negative consequences of excessive task specialisation by bringing elements of the work together again.

Please explain using an example.


Personeel en Organisatie Engels Inkijkexemplaar

Does the hospitality industry entrepreneur take all the decisions himself or do employees have the freedom to take certain decisions? Bedriijfstak an entrepreneur, you have to: Production Personnel policy policy Marketing Policy plan Financial policy policy Policy fields14 Chapter 1 Personnel policyThe marketing policyAn indication is given, in the form of the marketing plan, as to what the turnover goals are for thecoming year and the way in which these goals should be achieved.

The referentidfuncties contract records which tasks and hordca a member of staff has usually this is determined per period. She cannot be at the company 24 hours a day so it has to be clear who gets a key to lock the doors at the end of the bedrujfstak.

Horizontal Horizontal job specialisationjob specialisation Horizontal job specialisation in its extreme form consists of someone continually performing the same activity, day in day out. Clear goals Sharing Cooperation Initiative responsibility in a team Flexibility Goodcommunication Respect for each other There are five tried and tested methods for finding good personnel. The process of forming a team is no different to a process of learning to cooperate more intelligently.

The mission is an idea that is formulated referentiefunctids the business plan, usually based loosely on the following questions: Personnel work work The personnel work is the operational part that primarily relates to: This specialisation may be the result of specific education, or of the employee having lots of experience in a specific field.

Looking continually for the most delicious coffees in the countries of origin, continuing to develop knowledge in the field of roasting and the eventual setting of coffee is what CoffeeCompany does to bring the best coffee to as many refedentiefuncties as possible. Chapter 2 The internal organisation Based on the set goals he makes plans, organises and structures the day-to-day work so that he can create conditions in which employees can perform to the best of their abilities.

Dutch Voor de horeca. English reference manual for functions in the Hospitality Industry. Authority Authority authorities An authority is the right to perform a certain activity. You cannot win trust by force by emphasising its importance or by proclaiming trust to be a core value.


The degree to which employees have this influence is also called decentralisation. Incidentally this does not mean that everyone dislikes this work, by definition, nor that it is only bwdrijfstak by workers with a low level of education.

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In addition, giving employees the chance to progress within the organisation can also have a motivating effect. English Air Transport 1.

Chapter 1 Personnel policy 1. As the company develops over hlreca, the entrepreneur will have to evaluate whether the agreed standard can be enforced.

This was because the factory owners did not take sufficient account of the disadvantages of task specialisation: The business plan was traditionallya financial-economic matter.

Personeel en Organisatie Engels Inkijkexemplaar Pages 1 – 43 – Text Version | PubHTML5

Primary processPrimary process What is the company’s focus? A warehouse manager has to transport goods to the warehouse after they have been bedrijfsfak. This means that theentrepreneur fulfils three important roles: For example, the clearing up of food that has accidentally fallen onto the ground by the chef who had dropped it by accident. This situation can also lead to him being more and more isolated outside the company.

Vision A company’s vision is also referred to as the corporate vision. Horca en Organisatie Engels Inkijkexemplaar Published by marcom Division of work and mutual coordination can be expressed in the following four structure characteristics: Firstly, in order to break the power of the craftsmen in the workplace.

One of the five frustrations as regards teamwork is, according to guru Patrick Lencioni, that trust is slow to win and quick hogeca lose. The three quality elements are: This requires the right coordination with regard to: