Have you been experiencing gradual browsing, buffering problem while streaming or maybe lack of consistency in the connection to the internet of yours? If indeed next you do not have to worry much since you are able to resolve these issues at ones own. Nevertheless, one should take these issues earnestly and resolve the same efficiently for flawless web access and smooth.


If you’re among people who believe the Wi-Fi connections of theirs have grown to be slower despite having the perfect broadband connection to the internet, next they are able to test the pace of the connection of theirs on different online sites. In order to optimize the network of the connections of theirs, users are able to use the following tips:

Upgrade Router Software

Many a times, users confront the problem of inconsistent or slow signal/network as a result of the routers of theirs. Essentially router companies often make specific adjustments or changes in the application in perspective to enhance signal strength for greater speed. Consequently it’s crucial for subscribers to upgrade their router software application time to time. Keeping the up-to-date and latest router allows the users to experience greatest outcomes!

Place Router at Appropriate Place

Owners must comprehend that placing router in any school might not supply you identical signal strength. That is why it’s highly necessary for them to put the router at a proper place where it gets superb signal strength. It’s recommended to the users which they shouldn’t put the router far from the home of theirs or at an area in which various other objects are able to produce hurdle in receiving adequate signal.

Pick Stronger Antenna

It’s noticed numerous internet service providers provide Wi Fi router with small or weak antenna. In general, service providers offer routers with around four dB antennas. But in case you shop for a great antenna then it must be somewhere between ten to fifteen inches high. This kind of antennas are referred to as 10-dB antennas. As these antennas are tall and strong consequently they help to increase the system strength to great degree. Rather than going for a broad kind of antenna, it’s a smart call to choose “rubber duck” antenna with a minimum of 9 dBi gain.

Defend the Router

It’s crucial for subscribers to protest the routers of theirs with a strong password of getting minimum eight characters containing one capital letter, one numeric number, one small letter along with a unique character. Encrypt the password of yours is additionally a crucial step to prevent the connection of yours from others. A unique password usually guarantees the security of the Wi-Fi of yours as well as protests the same from undesirable individuals to use it.

Complete Reboot

As routers would be the IT products consequently many a times computer users encounter complex problems with them. Consequently it’s recommended to users to reboot the routers of theirs or maybe restart exactly the same for resolving the problem of slow signal strength and also vulnerable network. Rebooting the router enables the unit to clean up the cache from the mind and install the newest updates. It can help the router to get much better signal or network.

Make use of a Multi Router Network Setup

When you discover all of the above suggestions will not work for you subsequently it’s much better for you to utilize a multi router system setup. Typically users go for purchasing the next router because virtually all of them do not realize that they can add next router to the identical network. At times setting up several networks really work for you when the router starts working completely. Therefore before switching to brand new router, you are able to choose this last option too.