In , Ori Hofmekler published the Warrior Diet to help people get off the roller coaster of weight gain and loss that modern-day diets may cause. He bases his. Ori Hofmekler is a fellow renaissance man; not only is he a world renowned artist, but he is also the author of the ground breaking Warrior Diet. The Warrior Diet. Based on survival science, this book is the first introduction to intermittent fasting, and proposes a radical dietary approach that challenges.

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It should be noted that Ori Hofmekler himself acknowledges that the Warrior Diet is based on his own beliefs and observations — not strictly on science.

He tries to decipher how the lean and light soldiers of the ancient managed to lug so much weight over ridiculous distances every day. Before beginning this — or any other altered eating plan — consult with your health care provider. I lift weights and jog daily. There are a lot of distractions beyond diet information.

Feb 20, Victoria rated it liked it. Add short periods of controlled fasting a couple of days per week. Try it for yourself and see.

To be fair he states dieg a person should only take certain kinds of supplement. Much of this book immediately made sense to me from what I know about human physiology, siet I learned a lot of things about supplements, phytoestrogens, and so on The Warrior Diet is practical, tested, and based in commonsense.


For some advocates, like Hofmekler, it may work, but this doesn’t mean that the diet is appropriate for the general population.

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However this diet is not an optimum choice for building muscle, but it certainly boosts brain power and increases strength. Undereating and Overeating on the Warrior Diet.

Ori Hofmekler based his book on the example of Ancient warrior nations, such as the Spartans and Romans, whose people would be physically active most of the day and then feast at homfekler.

So I deleted it.

Jun 22, Meaghan rated it did not like it. Books by Ori Hofmekler. Wash the chicken when taken out but go ahead and by supplements that are garbage. He brings his own unique vision for how to achieve optimal health and longevity through understanding the principles of biological stress. Like I mentioned, I recently had Ori on my podcast.

Well, I’ve renewed this library book far too many times and finally had to admit it; I wasn’t going to finish it. Als Ausdauersportler habe ich zu dem ganzen Kraftzeug auch eine andere Meinung. Most weight loss methods are unproven and ineffective. The book challenge the norm of the traditional 3 meals a day approach and slowly lure the reader into realizing how much freedom and health benefits can be associated with this fasting approach.


The Warrior Diet: Review and Beginner’s Guide

For warrio reason, people with diabetes who are interested in trying out intermittent fasting should consult with their doctor first. Though there is little research supporting the benefits of this particular type of fasting, intermittent fasting in general has been linked to a number of health benefits from weight loss to improved brain health.

A one-meal-per-day plan can leave you extremely hungry so that you’re likely to binge and overeat when you do eat — which won’t help you lose weight. The Warrior Diet does not have any research to back up its exact methods, but intermittent fasting does. He bases his plan — which involves “undereating” during the day and “overeating” at night — on the way people were allegedly designed to eat, according to pre-industrial times.

What is the Warrior Diet (Warrior Diet Basics and Mistakes) – Siim Land

If this was a book on marketing pseudoscience to impressionable consumers I would’ve given it 5 stars. These stress activated foods trigger AMPK, the fuel sensor responsible for energy production under stressful conditions.

As evidence I realized it sucked after to 3 weeks when I wasn’t making any gains Straight Forward and simple diet.