Here is the combined curriculum for all the different grades/levels together with those of the various instructor courses offered by our organization. P1A History of Krav Maga and its founder: Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld). P1B Safety in training and vulnerable points. P1C Stances and movements. P1C1 Passive. P1A History of Krav Maga and its Founder: Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld). P1B Safety in Training and Vulnerable Points. P1C Stances and Movements. P1C1 Passive .

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Last edited by KMyoshi ; Don’t try to just show your best while you are being watched; we have eyes in the back of our heads.

Login or Sign Up. Obviously not everyone would agree. This is only my opinion however I’m sure that the curriculum is not “secret” as I believe durriculum other major Krav Maga orgs ikmr have their own books published.

Personal opinion according to per…. As one advances in grading the scenarios upon which the syllabus is built become increasingly dangerous and complex, and self defense solutions are provided accordingly. Related articles More than a year ago Articles Here you will find a collection of articles written by members of the GIT and Exprets from around the world 6 months ago Should women and children train in Krav Maga after a traumatic experience? Which is kinda strange, at least as long as they still call it krav maga.

The tester can usually predict who passes in the first five minutes. In the book it is broken down in step-by-step form. That said,I ikkf not think it’s the small variations in a technique that is going to save your life.


IKMF is the expert trainers to the cutting-edge operatives, military, civilian, security in Israel the leading authority in security matters world-wide AND those operatives are our partners in the feedback loop to continually improve Krav Maga by…. If you have to be physical, be first and be ferocious.

IKMF Curriculum

Take them off the planet. KMAA asks everyone to remember that the purpose of this forum is to encourage the exchange of ideas and discussions about the training, principles, and purpose of Krav Maga as established by its founders: Last edited by bear34 ; Most often, what starts out as ‘casual’ Krav Maga training in the afternoon becomes a true passion for the trainee and IKMF offers many additional civilian training frameworks.

I don’t think as a student you should worry too much about the politics of federations. There’s something for every type of Krav Maga enthusiast! As testers we are looking for certain checkpoints to see if the principle part of the technique is preformed correctly. Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations Hey Bear, How long does it take one to go from P1 to P2, etc.?

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IKMF | IKMF Civilian Instructor Course

If you’d like to learn more about women Krav Maga pleaseclick here. And if you’re looking for a place to train, browse the “Locations” section, where you can find one of our ukmf near you. Search in titles only. Every P or G level includes various self defense solutions and counterattacks that derive from such scenarios.


G levels are usually veteran Krav Maga trainees and very often have also been qualified as instructors. If so, I respect that.

Women self-defense qualifications enable women of all ages to learn, in a rela…. During the course participants will be supplied with ikf instructor’s manual, pictures and Logo for future use once qualified, Grading and curriculum material, lessons plans and more. Unfortunately we’re not taught many methods of de-escalating a conflict verbally.

IKMF Curriculum Handbook – Training Gear – IKMF Webshop

Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations Well, I meant getting away asap from the threat at hand; if possible before it gets to physical ends, but if it does – sure as hell do not make it into a mma-match. Two parts in ikmd countries The total duration of the course is 24 days or hours. Each element of the curriculum is based upon real life scenarios describing real life attacks. Civilian Krav Maga training syllabus is compiled of 5 P levels and 5 G levels.

Syllabus and curriculums, different organisations Hm that’s interesting.

Anyone else that knows better might wanna correct me here, or fill in?