A follow up to the first edition, Information Anxiety 2 teaches critical lessons for functioning in today’s Information Age. In this new book, Wurman examines how. Wurman identifies a special ailment of this age of communicationsso-called “ information anxiety,” caused, in his view, by an overwhelming flood of data, much . Information Anxiety is produced by the ever-widening gap between what we understand and what we think we should understand. It is the black hole between .

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More from this issue Introduction: Open Preview See a Problem? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It must be imbued with form and applied to become meaningful information. Living System Infrastructure in Calcutta Introduction: They, in turn, work with each other to form new meaning. Open Preview See a Problem? How on earth was this book written in the s. Conversation is a viable, appropriate model for the communications industry, but it is largely untapped.

Conversation can be a mirror of the mind, a petri dish for ideas. A must read for every designer, a should read for everybody. It is the black hole between data and knowledge, and it happens when information doesn’t tell us what we want or need to know Size really doesn’t count.

Information Anxiety by Richard Saul Wurman

Paperbackpages. It is a wurmaan book and well worth reading for anyone involved in education, technology or marketing. Jodee rated it it sauk amazing Dec 12, There is a continual stimulus-response, cyclical action; remarks evoke other remarks, and the behavior of the two individuals becomes concerted, cooperative, and directed toward some goal.

At the time it was written, the format of this book was really fresh. Books by Richard Saul Wurman. There is a measure of symmetry between the parties as messages pass to and fro. When this book came out in the ‘s it was a revelation. I read this originally as part of my doctoral program in instructional technology.


Information Anxiety: Towards Understanding

This definition remained fairly constant until the years immediately following World War II, when it came in vogue to use ‘information’ as a technological term to define anything that was sent over an electric or mechanical channel. Yet, in our information-hungry era, it is often allowed to masquerade as information. This definition was extrapolated to general usage as something told or communicated, whether or not it made sense to the receiver.

It has become the single most important word of our decade, the suspense of our lives and our work. Those suffering from the disease of familiarity are the experts in the world who, so bogged down by their own knowledge, regularly miss the key points as they try to explain what they know. Ben rated it it was ok Jul 25, Jul 22, Carrie rated it liked it Shelves: What constitutes information to one person may richaard data to informattion.

One of the best ways of communicating knowledge is through stories, because good stories are richly textured with details, allowing the narrative to convey a stable ground on which to build experience.

A good attempt to follow a rivhard great book. Information is not enough. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the business community. Understanding lags behind production.

Wurman includes some things on the news industry that made me wish It’s difficult to read this now and imagine just how groundbreaking it was when it came out. Stella Lee rated it it was amazing Jun 24, About Richard Saul Wurman. Talk is Deep note 3 The industrial design critic Ralph Caplan was talking to a woman who was trying to explain something to him.


Some of it also seems really dated now, although quite a bit is still relevant. Stoss in Detroit From Landscaping to Infrastructure: In examining the sources of information anxiety, Wurman takes an in-depth look at how technological advances can hinder understanding and influence how business is conducted.

Be the first to ask a question about Information Anxiety 2. At least in the absolute sense, it is impossible to share our thoughts with someone else, for they will not be understood in exactly the same way.

Marketing Strategy Moving from the 4Ps This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Essays on the Quality of Life in the Information Society. The sidebars aren’t very helpful, the humor is pretty corny, and the ideas have been expanded into all four dimensions as the web and computers have introduced depth and time-based navigation to user interface design. Redesigning the Migrating Coast Landscape and Displacement: Many countries already have a majority of their work forces engaged in occupations that are primarily information processing.

How we use information matters and particularly in the work of design: This book gave me information anxiety.

Aug 25, Mjaballah rated it it was amazing. To ask other readers questions about Information Anxiety 2please sign up. We are limited by a language where words may mean one thing to one person and quite something else to another. Jul 01, Robert Grossman rated it really liked it Xnxiety Eric Golembiewski rated it it was amazing Jun 16,