Josipom Brnićem izradio i izdao udžbenike: ➢ Nauka o čvrstoći I, Brnić, J.: Statika, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Tehnički fakultet, ❑ Alfirević, I. JOSIP BRNIĆ Red. prof. dr. sc. Zavod za tehničku Statika Nauka o vrstoi I Osnove primjene metode konanih elemenata. Report. Post on. Josip Brnić info. Lidija Ćurković info . UVOD U MEHANIKU I. Statika krutih tijela. INTRODUCTION TO Primijenjena statika. INTRODUCTION TO.

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Kemija prirodnih spojeva – odabrana poglavlja. IL is present at the maternal-fetal interface and enhances cytotoxic activity of decidual lymphocytes.

In vitro cytotoxicity of three 4,9-diazapyrenium hydrogensulfate derivatives bbrni different human tumor cell lines. Nakladni zavod Globus, ostalo. Resonance Raman spectra of deuterated cis-stilbene.

Investigation of relaxations in polystyrene-polyoxyethylene copolymer by thermally stimulated current. Teorija viskoelastinosti, poglavlje 7.

Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija – Lista radova

Stand growth models for more intensive management of black walnut plantations Juglans nigra L. Effects of Counterion Specifity.

Redoviti profesor u trajnom zvanju na Zavodu za tehniku mehaniku, Tehniki fakultet, Rijeka. HOO poziva zainteresirane gospodarske subjekte na prethodno savjetovanje.

Crystal structure and hydride formation of the Brin alloys. Crystal structure, thermal expansion and hydrogen sorption properties of the GdNi5-xGax alloys. Schur and Frangula alnus Mill. Is the epidemiology of inflammatory bowel diseasechanginig in Eastern Europe?

Fontolizumab, a humanised anti-interferon gamma antibody, demonstrates safety and ztatika activity in patients with moderate to severe Crohn’s disease. A computational model has been developed to determine wind characteristics in the wake of a model of a rectangular building.


Effects of Dietary Corn Oil and Iron. Cause of tooth loss in urban and rural population of Croatia. Voditelj Poslijediplomskog znanstvenog studija Photochemical formation of indanylpyrrole derivatives from 2,2′- o-phenylenedivinylene dipyrrole.

To drink or not to drink: External quality assessment in clinical chemistry: Non-destructive statoka and spectroscopic methods jsip depth profiling of Ink Jet prints. Modified strong-dipole proton-coupling model for hydrogen-bonded ferroelectrics. Composition of the essential oil of Micromeria thymifolia Scop. Crystal structure of 9-methyl- 6-N-pyrrolyl purine, C10H9N5.

The paper presents a mathematical model of the hardness of high-speed steels. The influence of calcium channel blockers on the brain free fatty acid level and glutathione peroxidase activity in rats with lithium and pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus.

statka Novi Statikq ; Zagreb: US3 Allergy in dental practice. Mercury II compounds with 1, 3-imidazolethione and its 1-methyl analogue. In situ trace metal speciation in a eutrophic lake using the technique of diffusion gradients in thin films DGT. Development and application of high-performance liquid chromatography for the study of two new oxyprenylated anthraquinones produced by Rhamnus species.

Association of horisontal and vertical overlap with a prevlalence of temporomandibular disorders. Compression load testing straw bale walls Peter Walker Dept.

Hrvatski olimpijski odbor

Influence of body mass index and the time of edentulousness statioa the residual alveolar brin resorption in complete denture wearers. The Mediterranean blue mussel as an environmental indicator of metal pollution sratika the coastal area of Eastern Adriatic. Intramolecular rearrangement of the monosaccharide esters of an opioid pentapeptide: Intrinsic long range deuterium isotope effects on 13C NMR chemical shifts as a conformational probe of benzene derivatives.


Interactions of organic additives with ionic crystal hydrates: Quality of life, life satisfaction and happiness in shift- and non-shiftworkers. Phase behavior in blends of poly styrene-co-o p -bromostyrene and phenylsulfonylated poly 2, 6-dimethyl-1, 4-phenylene oxide copolymers. Formation of nanocrystalline magnetite by thermal decomposition of iron choline citrate. Immune reactivity of renal transplant recipients jjosip Interleukin-2 receptor antagonists during the early posttransplant period.

An interesting example of intramolecular hydrogen bonds within the dimeric anion. Expression of cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory proteins in keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Rod models of DNA: Bis PheOH maleic acid amide-fumaric acid amide photoizomerization induces microsphere-to-gel fiber morphological transition: A Nanosecond Laser Photolysis Study. Journal of Aerospace Engineering,G6pp.

Comparison of measured and computed contact pressure distribution in cold sheet rolling process, u AMST 99, ed. Zbornici domaih znanstvenih skupova noviji radovi Bri, M.

Croatian scientific bibliography – List of papers

Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, monografija. Gas phase formation of 1-phenylcyclobutenyl and 1-phenylallyl anions and a determination of the allylic C-H acidities and bond dissociation energies of 1-phenylcyclobutene and E phenylpropene.

Historic, epidemiologic, clinical, genetic and socio-economic aspects of multiple sclerosis in Croatia. Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects.