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All day long just one sentence was passing through my head, like a recurring slogan: My intention was more modest; simply, to be of use to my peers who had a more understandable right to need from me. Well, we ate well, drank a good claret, and celebrated with Esteban. Cuentosand Con y Sin Nostalgia: What does Jaime want? That which is simply honorable in one environment, could be just as idiotic in another.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Truce was the inspiration for the film of the same name, the first Argentinean film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

He published his first book in InI had uneven penmanship: Wednesday, April 17th Esteban says if I want to retire by the end of the year, we have to begin the process right away. Every time I remember that endless wake I feel disgusted. Esteban says if I want to retire by the end of the year, we have to begin the process right away.

By simply enjoying our evenings and their protective presence in the midst of the displeasures of the day. And there was a big problem in choosing those who would have to stay. Because if at this moment I were to decide to reassure myself, in a kind of belated oath: Inhe published his first novel, Quien de Nosotrosbut it was with the publication of Montevideanos: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In truth, that excellent opinion of myself has decayed quite a bit.


I think she was the inspiration for my most impassioned physical desire. Returning to Uruguay inhe opposed increasing government repression through his writing and participation in the leftist coalition known as the Frente Amplio, which he helped organize.

He wants to come to the house. His natural manner was a kind of balm, a real consolation; which I interpreted as the finest homage that anyone could pay to my mother and I during my grief. Why do the palms of my hands have a more faithful memory than I do? Is it like me, with memories of memories, or directly, like someone who sees their own face in a mirror? I wonder what she does with her boyfriend? Fiction February 1st, Common sense prevailed and she went on to talk about her boyfriend.

But the other day she was wearing those shorts when she simply crossed her legs and I had no other choice but to say to her: Claudia Beatriz Graffigna marked it as to-read Sep 05, I asked her where she lived and with whom. An aspiring writer named Michelle takes her elder artist friend Irene to Brighton Beach.

My wife is already middle-aged and besides, doing the housework and taking care of the kids has exhausted her.

She had just told me he worked for the city government, when her trolley appeared.

A Mexican remake was made in Thursday, April 4th Today we had to stay late again. When the auditor suddenly asked me for data corresponding toI recognized my penmanship; that penmanship from a special period. He says that when his parents are out, she comes into his room and dances almost naked in front of him. Saturday, April 6th A wild dream. Or better yet, what does her boyfriend do with her?


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No one would have thought he could be so annoying. As time goes on, they may possibly be understood as efforts to sustain a cultural heritage that was not easy to keep alive.

Once again they were about his little seventeen year old sister. The Rail will be serializing this Benedetti masterpiece over the winter and into the spring of There is a good reason: Keeyser added it Aug 10, Jaime encircled her in a strange, undefined look What is Jaime?

For a while I remain seated tregux front of my documents not knowing what to do; I think I was moved.

The Truce ( film) – Wikipedia

I think that after having told me she had a boyfriend, she felt more secure and began to interpret my questions as being rooted in an almost paternal interest on my part. It makes her face thin, her eyes sad, and makes her look even younger.

From on, he lived in Montevideo, where benesetti devoted his full time to writing. Some new confessions from Santini. She has defined features, loyal.

The Brooklyn Rail

He is a womanizer, and I limit myself to whoever is available. I started to feel old. It is a hot summer day in My agitation was my own, mine only; the agitation of contributing to my own emotional upheaval.