The latest Tweets from Larry Bilotta (@LarryBilotta). Larry lived 27 years in a marriage made in Hell, but in the 28th year, fell in love – with his wife! Founder of . Larry Bilotta lived 27 years in a marriage made in hell, but in the 28th year, he fell in love – with his wife! Now, still married over 40 years, Larry reveals. A Crucial Marriage Saving Tip. By Larry Bilotta. Do you find that things would just be so much easier if your spouse would do things your way? Most of the time.

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Different situations happen to you. You have to struggle through learning how to fix your marriage. The entity cannot live in acceptance.

Larry Bilotta Yes, and literally in that order. They come only for the intimate. What the co-habitators have is bilotha always have their eye in the back door. Because what is that entity?

How To Fix Your Marriage – Larry Bilotta

They literally will fight this instruction system from their childhood. It happens when you start to observe that you are already emotionally intelligent. Knows what you want, what you care, what you need for, everything.


Marsha’s constant demand that I become both responsible and disciplined created an unbelievable amount of pressure on me. And the beginning of that system is to see that there are two worlds.

Having sessions with couples where the wife or the husband would start recalling a fight or something that happened in their life. Marsha believed that the grass is never greener on the other side and marriage is forever no matter how “unhappy” you are. This is not an overnight sensation. They are the governors to control our troubled offspring.

I think that is such a beautiful way that you just encompass everything you said. The person is the carrier of the problem.

So let me begin by telling you about the many YEARS of my life I spent searching for a way to turn around my bad marriage. Now I found myself in the most demanding one of all. They shoot the electron and they expect it to act like a marble and when the scientists start looking at it, it behaves like a marble.

Nothing good is going to happen for you in that world.

I was in search of an answer to this question: Every single bit of it. How it helps in understanding how to fix your marriage? It was through Marsha’s stories that I learned how every childhood event programs powerful belief systems that activate in adult life and determine the quality of your marriage and your family. You have to leave Against and you have to enter the world of Acceptance.


This will come for you right in your intimate relationship, you really need to consider it when learning how to fix your marriage. We loved the insights about how to fix your marriage.

However long that person is controlled in, they can literally go in possession, and then out, then become themselves, back into being possessed, and then back out and become themselves. None larr us want that.

And that is no exaggeration. No planning, no preparation; nothing.

About Larry Bilotta — Fulfilled Couple

Yes, those little seconds are your opportunity to practice how to fix your marriage. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Kamala Chambers Emotional intelligence can be learned as adults.