La Serpiente Emplumada tiene que volar; cuando sepas lo que es el vuelo de la Serpiente Emplumada, sabras que tienes que hacer, hasta entonces haras. Feb 01, Rodrigo Duarte rated it it was amazing ยท review of another edition. Shelves: cuarto-camino. Excelente libro. Es un poco Gurdjieff+Hesse la primera. El Vuelo de la Serpiente Emplumada. Textos Fundamentales del Cuarto Camino (Spanish Edition) by Cosani, Armando and a great selection of related books.

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It is a book that needs to be ka slowly to discover the amazing insights given. Great for those who are interested in One of my all time favourites.

It contains some very deep and beautiful description on the power of prayer. Jan 23, Luan rated it dr was amazing. At the same time I would still recommend this book to anyone who is curious for it is highly original and unlike anything I have read before.

It is a deeper teaching that speaks to you in a way that you can relate to but not fully understand. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Thoughts lihro views of hundreds of years for esotericism demolished and a new way of reflection and revision lies ahead.

Really a book for everyone, no matter what their background or faith. It’s now been released for free as an E-book for anyone who would like to llbro it that way. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. A book to read intuitively!

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent

I’d really recommend it so much to anyone. Aart rated it it was ok Mar 20, Urged to revise things for yourself,to meditate, reflect and discover that many of them were written are far from the real history of mankind.

The story it relates is a true story that is in my opinion pure magic. Book two is a great teaching, about the love which can transform and the need for man to wake up! Every time I’ve ever read it, it’s given me something new and I’ve always come away form it feeling more inspired and like I’ve learned something deeply important for myself and my own journey.


Jul 25, Vida rated it it was amazing. This book, which I have now as a study guide, helped me unblock of views, opinions and things I had read about that time and actually see things for myself in daily life.

I think its pretty much accurate to say that I have serpeinte this book 20 times over in a period of 9 years, and I will continue reading it.

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent by Armando Cosani

Back when this book was in print, I could barely keep a copy for myself before giving it to someone hoping they would enjoy it as much as I do. He meets a mysterious man who little by little gives him info It’s hard to give my perspective of this book in one sentence, but if I had to choose, I’d say “Hard to put away and always keep it within hand’s reach to read a few pages and feel inspired. This book explains more in detail about Judas Iscariot and why he was not the evil villain that he is portrayed in the bible, gives an interesting twist on the discovery of the Gospel of Judas that was hidden for over years, the intimate relationship that he and Jesus had and the explaination of the bogus setup of Jesus.

Jan 01, Richard Kirkwood rated it it was amazing. It’s about time for these things to be known. I highly enjoyed it. The third book brings you as a reader into the times of Jesus and the incredible teachings he gave to his disciples.

This part goes into much more depth than the four gospels go and adds fmplumada layer of understanding to the Christian teachings, a more hidden and mystical one.

This book just stays with you, looong after you’ve read it. This book is truly wonderful – it talks to my heart in a very different ways as each book within it is read, understood, comprehended and felt. Beginners and Advanced Spiritualists: Watch and Pray – 3 magical words that can make one into a better person – truly, this is one of the book that has changed my life for the better. You’ll have to read it for yourself.


Aug 06, Suave rated it it was amazing. Da para muchas relecturas. The third story literally makes my heart cry for the understanding needed, the love needed for what took place the fateful night described in the book – I cannot say more, as it would give spoilers. Emplumad life changes inexplicably after he meets a mysterious man who leaves him a series of profound writings.

The most beautiful book I have ever read. Half the time I felt what I was reading contained a deeper wisdom, the other half I was simply at a loss by the serpientee of symbolism far beyond purpose or necessity.

When reading through this book it feels as if you are making the same journey librl the journalist and the teachings given inspire you in a heartfelt way. Pavlin rated it it was amazing Mar 31, The second part is a profound teaching for humanity, and the third is a first hand account written from the point of view of Judas Iscariot of the time Judas spent with Jesus, eventually leading up to the time of the crucifixion.

Be the first to ask a question about The Flight of the Feathered Serpent. The third part of the book was both deeply moving and profound. This book is Soul Inspiring!! This book speaks a lot about love and overcoming spiritual obstacles.

The true story of a journalist who befriends a mysterious man that leaves him a set of profound writings empkumada publish that are found in the second half of the book which could forever change the way we think of what we know about historical figure Judas Iscariot.

An ‘otherworldly’ kind of man full of love appears in his life and guides him.

Definitely a very worthwhile read and I’d recommend it to anyone.